10 Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

You may have a busy schedule, but when you’re home, you always want maximum comfort. Now, if the few times you’re home, the quality of air in your home is not good, you won’t be comfortable. Asides from being uncomfortable, the quality of the air you breathe in your home contributes to your health. If you breathe bad air quality, you’re at risk of air-borne diseases.

Most times, the air quality in your home is a function of your air ducts. Cleaning air ducts is not one task that you may want to do every day. However, it’s a necessary task, and luckily, ducts give signs to you when they need cleaning. Let’s look at some of the signs that you may notice when your duct needs cleaning. 

1. Foul Smell

The first sign you’ll notice when it comes to the duct is a bad smell. When a bad smell creeps into your home, you will notice. If you try to trace that smell and it leads nowhere, the problem is most likely from your ducts. Need a professional cleaner, see here for the best Schaumburg Air Duct Cleaning services.

2. Old Air Filter

Air filters are not one permanent component of your air system. If you haven’t changed your air filter in a long while, there is a high chance that debris, dust, amidst others get into the filter, which will affect air quality.

3. Dusty environment

Cleaning your home is not a task that you may enjoy frequently doing. However, when your duct needs cleaning, you may have to clean your home regularly. That’s because the amount of dust in your home will increase steadily. After you clean, there is a high chance that the house will get dusty relatively easily. 

4. No record of cleaning

If you’re reading this article and you have no idea what duct cleaning is, then you need to clean as soon as possible. Also, if your home is an old one and you have no idea when a duct cleaning was conducted, you need to get an expert quickly. 

5. Irregular airflow

Typically, airflow within your home ought to be of the same quality. The moment you have different air quality in your kitchen and your bathroom, there’s a problem with the duct. You may try to clean the duct, but sometimes, you may need a total duct replacement. 

6. Increased noise levels 

When you live in your home for a while, you’ll subconsciously understand how your air system sounds. So when there’s a different sound, you’re bound to notice. One of the probable causes of this sound is the dirty duct. 

7. Recent renovation

If you just changed or added new components to your home, dust may get into your air system. This is another indication for you to clean. 

8. Poor health

If all of a sudden, you notice some allergies, cough, amidst other health diseases, the problem is probably coming from the duct.

9. Presence of insects

If you have insects in your home, you should check your ducts as they’re most likely unclean. 

10. You notice dirty ducts

Of course, if you’re naturally a careful person, you may have routine checks for your duct system. At one of these regular checks, you’ll notice that the ducts need cleaning.