5 Biggest Technology Trends Impacting The Casino User Experience

When it comes to new technology, the casino industry gets credit for introducing several innovations to the mainstream. Even if you have not set foot in a live casino or logged in at an online one for any length of time, you will quickly discover that new tech has been introduced to enhance your experience. 

If you are already using any type of gambling tool that requires either the internet or a laptop computer, you are already seeing the effects of technology. Fortunately, software developers have found that the casino industry is open to changes with technology. Here is a look at five of the biggest trends that will impact the casino user experience in the coming year.

1. Virtual Reality

Although virtual reality was expected to be more mainstream by 2020, it has encountered a few snags along the way. However, that will likely soon be resolved thanks to big online players like Facebook and Microsoft starting to get involved in virtual reality. What this means is that with the involvement of these huge tech giants, it won’t be long before you start to see virtual reality games moving to the forefront. 

Your first good hint will be when VR consoles start to appear in more than just niche applications. It is coming and it won’t be long, but when VR does drop into the world of casinos seriously, expect the gambling landscape to shift to adjust. The industry has been making adjustments already to accommodate tech tools and additional mechanics that have improved gameplay considerably.

2. Chat Bots

This may sound like recent ‘old technology’ in a way as chatbots have been with us for some time already. If you are not too clear on what they are, a chatbot may pop up on a website you are visiting and ask you some general questions about what you are searching for. They serve several purposes but are mostly used to provide an automated form of customer service.

The casino industry sees chatbots as a vital link between the casino and the gambler. For example, casino chatbots can answer gambling questions preventing long wait times for those waiting to access the casino. Plus, chatbots save the casino money by reducing the number of humans required to field the same questions, provide local information or news about gambling. So, from a casino perspective, chatbots are cost-effective.

3. Artificial Intelligence

This is an extension of the previous point. Chatbots typically utilize some form of artificial intelligence in the way it asks you questions and how it finds your answers. However, AI can play an even bigger role inside a casino. We’re thinking along the lines of high-tech security as one very real possibility ranging from digital fingerprinting to access certain casino games to all kinds of interesting features.

AI is still just becoming something other than “an experiment” with machine learning aiding the process. Machine learning is where the computer that operates the AI terminals or chatbots actually ‘learns’ from the information it gathers or has input from various sources, including any online conversation with gamblers asking about house odds or whatever they have an interest in asking an, AI chatbot.

4. Smart Contracts

Probably one of the most interesting tech innovations to come to the casino industry can be credited somewhat to the cryptocurrency world. Blockchain use in casinos has opened the doors to something called Smart Contracts. The use of these will undoubtedly change the face of casinos forever and present another solid, hard to penetrate level of privacy and security for both players and the casino.

The way this will happen is because Smart Contracts will create decentralized gambling platforms. Where blockchain tech becomes attractive is that they will give gamblers anonymity and will make it impossible for gambling outcomes to be altered in any way by a third-party. Protocols can be set by program developers who utilize smart program codes that can create complete automation as a result.

5. Peer To Peer Gambling

This is a trend that is a bit old school in a way. Instead of gambling against the house, peer-to-peer gambling pits bettors against each other. The main change to casinos that may come from this innovation is the need for new, fresh and exciting gambling games that will use a winner-take-all format.

Currently, with the way your average casino game is designed, a house edge is included. That ensures that the house still generates a portion of the money gambled into its coffers. Peer-to-peer gambling follows a more liberal format that can be compared to your typical lottery game. That is where all monies collected are returned in prizes to winners.

Will These Technology Trends Have A Positive Impact?

That is sort of like asking the same question when manual slot machines were removed from casinos to make room for video slot machines. It may have seemed unorthodox at the time, but with technology spinning so fast into the future, the manual slot machine was probably on the hit list long before video slots got out of the manufacturing plant.   And how there are even more options like slotsify to spend time with.

What Does This Mean To The Casino Industry?

According to casino expert Adrian Sireca of OnlineCasinoGems, “we are just scratching the surface of how and where new technology will be partnered with the casino industry. We’re talking about things that may appear to be from a science-fiction movie in some cases. However, that is where our reality is heading with technology working its way into so many parts of our lives. It really should not be much of a surprise to see tech taking on such a huge role in our various forms of entertainment including gambling.”

In Conclusion

Typically anything that is created to enhance the user experience is worth exploring. When those creations are the result of new technology and are being designed for use in the casino industry, you know that these innovations are intended to be serious and will be eventually pushed into the mainstream.