5 Quick Ways to Promote Your Website

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best content/products in the world on your website, if it isn’t advertised properly, it won’t be able to reach your targeted audience.
Just launching a website doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring the traffic as well, one must find ways to promote it. There are several ways in which you can choose to promote your website and not all will cost you money.
In this article, we will suggest 5 great ways for efficient promotion of your website to get your site on top of the search engines.

1. Video marketing
Video marketing, especially through YouTube, can really assist in generating traffic to your website. The following are the ways of managing it:

  • You can link back from your YouTube videos to your website by posting a link either in the description or in the intro.
  • Another way of doing this actually is by embedding your YouTube videos on your website. This serves as an unintended advantage and can really help you with SEO, website traffic, and converting people to customers or regular visitors.
  • For instance, if people are watching a YouTube video on your website, you will be able to actually boost your search ranking as they are spending more time on your webpage which will ultimately enable your website to be more relevant on Google.

2. SEO
In order to get free traffic on a website, one must consider the concept behind search engine optimization (SEO) which is basically the art of getting your website ranked in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. One of the foremost ways to do search engine optimization is to have a blog. If you have a website that sells some services or products, the best way to rank it at the top and promote it organically is by utilizing an SEO-friendly blog. Write content on a consistent basis according to the trends with the help of SEO-friendly keywords and you will see a positive outcome in some time.
The second thing to consider is being active on social media i.e. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, which are some incredible platforms that you should be engaging and learning about if you are trying to drive free traffic to your website. It will eventually also going to have a knock-on effect on your SEO through back-linking. Every time you upload a new blog post on Twitter that includes a link to your website, and start sharing it at various other platforms, you are actually generating what are known as backlinks to your website which Google and other search engines will notice, hence giving it some additional credit and identity ranking.
Engaging on social media will help your search engine optimization efforts and ultimately aid in driving more traffic to your website.
One thing that must be kept in mind while building free traffic to your website is that it will take some time to rank it on search engines because it isn’t a matter of a day or two. You will need to produce consistent content on your blog along with the consistent updating of your social media accounts.
When it comes to blogging and websites what is the most important thing to remember? Write GREAT content your target audience will enjoy. If you do that and make it high quality then Google will rank your site and your audience will appreciate and share the content.
Another easy solution to promote your website is by visiting sites like Site Bureau for showcasing and featuring your website so it can reach a massive number of people.
3. Paid traffic
Paid traffic is basically paying for people to visit your website and one of the most commonly used methods of paid traffic is Google pay-per-click (PPC) service Ads (AdWords). You will bid on keywords by going to Google Ads and setting up an account. The cost varies by the type of keyword you are targeting and its popularity.
If you are going to spend money to carry out paid advertisement whether it is pay-per-click, solo ads or media buys, one must ensure that you have something in place that’s able to track the success of the pay-per-click or other paid campaigns. It will help you to keep track of the keywords that are working for you to make sure that you’re not wasting your money.
One more thing which you should consider while paying for online traffic is to capture leads. The most common mistake which people make who haven’t used pay-per-click or any online marketing tool before is that they send the paid traffic straight to their homepage or maybe a specific product page. You can also send people to the optimized landing pages for that ad that will give the user the option to capture their email and get them on your email list which will allow you to directly market to your site visitors.
4. Email Marketing
Email marketing is a permission-based promotion strategy that involves one email message to many people, allowing them to opt in. Instead of trying to reach them on social media or through organic searches, you are given access directly to their personal email inboxes. It is especially useful for its ability to generate real-time feedback.
One must keep these practices in mind before pressing the send button:

  • Get permission before adding new contacts to your email list
  • Proofread all your email copy for mistakes and errors
  • Don’t forget to double-check all the links that you are including in the email to see if they work properly

To get started, sign up for an account with an email marketing service. They will help you get everything you need to get your email marketing campaign up and running.
Here are some of the top email services you can find to integrate with your website:

5. Produce Original and Quality Content Only
Out of all the techniques which you can use for the promotion of your website, the best one is to focus on producing quality content. Ask yourself the core reason for creating these blog posts for the target audience. Is it accurate to say that you are giving them the data they need, or it is just that you are just concerned about getting something “new” on your site?
Making quality content is essential for your site and to its overall positioning/ranking. You must create the type of content that other users need or want to see. When you make an organization blog, utilize Google Authorship which will make your content evident and visible. This will connect every one of your articles together and rank them higher on Google. Convey new social media messages in the form of posts, each time you throw another article into the blog. Closely observe your blog to discover what is working, and what you can discard if it’s not bringing traffic.
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Bottom Line
There are dozens of other great ways to promote or rank your website which you can decide on, but the above-recommended techniques are topmost and most commonly used in this day and age that will get you started. If you do not have any problem investing some money in promoting your website, then it is recommended that you opt for social media marketing through ad campaigns and PPC (can be expensive than ad campaigns). Otherwise, if you are just starting, you can go for SEO which will be a lot cheaper for you and will help bring pure organic traffic.
In order to figure out which of these marketing strategies are best for your business, you need to analyze your options based on your goals, capabilities, and resources. Best of luck!