5 Social Games to Play Online

Humans are social animals. This means we need to hang out with other people to remain happy and keep the quality of our lives high. That’s why we’ve invented all kinds of social events that allow us to bond with our friends and family and help us have a good time.

Playing games is probably one of the most important ways to socialize. Some of the first games that humans came up with are among the most popular sports nowadays, joining together millions of fans around the globe.

Technology has brought about many new ways of having fun, such as video games. Some of them are single-player, and they are no less entertaining than their multiplayer counterparts. Still, some games are actually created with the purpose of bringing people closer. An example of this is the social game Among Us which took the world by storm a few months ago but is already waning in popularity.

We’re about to discuss five popular titles that have stood the test of time and that you can play online with other people. Mind you, all of them are video games simply because they use computing devices as their platform, but some have their real-life versions as well.

1.  Minecraft

Minecraft is a game made of blocks that’s been around for almost a decade now. It’s like a virtual lego game, where players can rearrange blocks and create entire worlds. The game also has a survival mode, which requires you to stay away from zombies and other vile creatures while collecting essential blocks to upgrade your in-game characters and their skills.

The popular title is available online, which means you can inhabit the procedurally generated world where other players already live and make new friends while reshaping your environment.

2.  Online Bingo

Bingo isn’t only confined to bingo halls, and it’s no longer played exclusively by the elderly. In fact, the popular game has been revived in the online environment, and many young people have become interested in playing it because of its relaxing nature. Of course, the fact that the luckiest of players can also get rewarded if they get the numbers right is a huge plus.

Most importantly, though, online bingo is a game that brings people together. Many online bingo rooms have lively chats where people hang out and have fun while playing the game.

Before a bingo round starts, you will obtain a bingo ticket with random numbers on it. You need to cross out a number whenever it’s drawn until you’ve filled an entire line on your ticket. That’s when you need to yell, “Bingo!” and get rewarded.

3.  Online Poker

There’s no better way to make new friends and spend some quality time socializing than by playing card games, especially poker. In fact, one of the reasons why there’s an entire industry built around poker is because people like the social element of the game. After all, some of the biggest poker players aren’t only good at what they do but are also extremely fun to be around.

Poker has made a shift from land-based poker rooms to their online counterparts. In fact, there are millions of poker fans worldwide enjoying this game on poker sites right now, where they can play tournaments or enjoy casual cash games with other site members.

Socializing in poker goes beyond in-game chit-chat, as there are entire communities that are active on forums and social media. As you may have guessed, their main topic of discussion is — poker.

Even if, by chance, you don’t fancy a game of poker, many online casinos, such as XPlayBet Casino offer quite a few games to try.

4.  Uno

Uno is a card game that uses a special deck of cards. It can be played by up to ten players, and it is probably the most popular card game that doesn’t use the standard deck.

Uno requires you to think fast and outsmart your opponents by placing the right cards. Even though this social game has been the reason why many friendships have been ruined, in the end, it has also brought a lot of people together.

The game has been around for almost five decades. At one point, an online version of Uno was created, which means you can now fight with your friends remotely.

5.  World of Warcraft

So far, we’ve listed some options that have been inspired by real-life games. However, World of Warcraft is completely different. Still, it’s an unavoidable title when talking about the social element in games.

In WoW, you have to create a character that becomes the resident of an imaginary world called Azeroth. Your avatar needs to complete quests and clean dungeons to progress through levels. Most importantly, you need to work with other Azeroth inhabitants to get things done. In other words — you’ll have to play with other players from all over the world.

Naturally, you need to have at least some gaming skills to survive in Azeroth. After all, WoW is a complex game, which requires hundreds of hours of commitment before you can say you’ve mastered it. Therefore, if you’re looking for some online socializing opportunities — which are especially convenient during pandemics — get a headset and equip your PC for an epic adventure.

Final Thoughts

Games are one of the most popular pastimes, and some of them require us to play with or against other people. No matter how entertaining a game is, it’s definitely better if it allows you to socialize and have fun with other players. After all, that’s what matters the most, especially during a pandemic — a human touch.