6 analytics tools that will help you boost brand awareness

Brand awareness is paramount in the business landscape. It is vital to the long-term growth of any business by making the consumers acquainted about a particular brand or product. Brand awareness can play a huge role in driving consumers’ decisions when choosing between competing businesses.

Since we live in the era of technology, nowadays, brand awareness is especially important for businesses. Nowadays, all consumers have a computer or a smartphone at their fingerprints and they can easily communicate with their peers or look up your business in the online world. Your online presence can either work in your favor or against you depending on how good you manage to use and adapt your business to today’s market trends in terms of online presence.

Brand awareness is an essential part of the overall marketing effort which drives sales. Boosting brand awareness can result in increasing your market share, help you attract new customers and build customer loyalty. Thanks to technological advancements, there is a multitude of analytics tools that can help you monitor your business’s online presence and brand awareness and give you an overview of how to boost it. Selecting the right analytics tool is a vital step to help you grow your business. For example, if you want to grow your mobile application, app analytics tools offer some strategies such as conversion optimization, monetization, behavioral reports, and segmentation. Here are 6 analytics tools you can use to boost brand awareness:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free software useful for monitoring your brand awareness by breaking down site traffic according to the source. You can track a visitor click on, how much time they spend on the site, and the actions they perform on the site such as sharing the content on their social media accounts or their interest in an ad.

Moreover, Google Analytics is also a great tool for getting an overview of the visitor’s journey on your company site. You will be able to see on which stage of the buying journey they have stopped which will help you determine why they didn’t finalize the purchase. This analytics tool is also extremely useful in studying your audience’s preferences in terms of the devices or browsers they use to visit your website.  You can look for options like a CRO Agency to help with your success.

2. Awario

Whenever important conversations spark out online, they can either help your brand grow or work against it. In order to boost brand awareness, it is paramount to be aware of what’s your reputation in the digital world. Awario is a great monitoring tool which will help you find relevant discussions about your brand in the online world, empowers you to join the online conversations, and talk about your brand or your services or products.

You can monitor all the major social media networks, forums, or blogs where there are any mentions about your brand from your customers. You can create 50 alerts that will let you know about both real-time and older mentions about your business. Not only that you can get an overview of your brand’s online presence, but you will also know the present state of your customers’ online presence at all times.

3. Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics

The two major social platforms, Facebook and Twitter also have their own analytics tools to help businesses monitor their brand’s sentiment. Facebook and Twitter Analytics tools can help you get a better understanding of what your business’s social media content strategy should look like. resonate with your targeted audience.

Facebook Insights allows you to see the reach of each post including data such as who has seen your Facebook posts, and the like and share engagement they have created.By being provided with a wealth of information regarding your audience’s preferences, interests, gender, or marital status, you can create meaningful social media content that will

4. Mentionlytics

Another great analytics tool that can empower you to monitor your social media and web reputation is Mentionlytics. This tool allows you to monitor all online mentions about your business which will break down in negative or positive mentions.

You will be able to follow and understand better what is your brand’s sentiment in the online world. Moreover, since you will get alerts for all the mentions about your brand, your social media managers will be empowered to answer quickly to customer feedback. Whether there will be comments, complaints, or positive feedback, it is important that your brand has a response as quickly as possible. Thus, with Mentionlytics, you can stay on top of the online opinions of your loyal and prospective customers.

5. SimilarWeb

 The saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” has a huge meaning in the business landscape too. Any business wants to keep their customers and employees engaged and loyal. However, taking a look over your shoulder to your competitors is also an important strategy to place your business ahead of them.

SimilarWeb is an amazing analytics tool that empowers you to keep track of the traffic and rankings of your market rivals. You will be able to compare your data about your website and mobile app to the data you get for your competitors’ online presence. Similar web can help you with very specific data as it can provide the website’s global, country or category rank.Moreover, you can also see the total desktop and mobile visits over the last 6 months which you can analyze by time on site, page per visit, and bounce rate. 

6. Moz

SEO is a tricky tool in marketing. It can help your business boost brand awareness but it can be really difficult to monitor if you don’t use the right tools. If you want to improve your ranking on search engines and measure how good your SEO is, Moz is a great analytics tool that can help you do so. You can use this tool for the keyword research process to discover keywords ideas for metrics for building a list. You can measure how good your business’s SEO is by getting an overview of the actual Google search results for a certain keyword.