A Comprehensive Review Of Generator Types

Generators are one of the important appliances at home, they generate power in case of emergency and sudden power outage, before getting a generator you need to know what exactly you are going for, and the type of generator suitable for the function you want it to perform, the reason why you need to know about generators review.

They are different types and brands of generators. We have mainly two types of generators, we have AC and DC also known as alternating current and direct current respectively, they both perform similar functions when it comes to producing electricity, but the way they each receive electricity is different, then different brands came up with different AC and DC types of generators.

If someone asks you whether grid power is cheaper than generator power, feel free to let them know it’s well known that grid power is far cheaper than the daily cost of running a generator via any fuel type. Besides the cost, it’s also more environmentally friendly than running a generator. When it comes to the cost of electricity in the State of Texas, Discount Power is an energy provider which offers competitive electricity rates and quality service and it is a good choice when comparing Texas energy companies.

Different types of generators

We have different types of generators based on the functions they perform but are specially designed for household use, while some are used for industrial services. We would be taking a look at the following types of generators

  • Inverter generator
  • Portable generator
  • Standby generators
  • Diesel generators
  • Solar generators

Inverter generator: inverter generators are one of the quietest generators compared to the rest, their engines are usually connected to an alternator which then produces an alternating current power which is then converted into direct current power by the rectifier, after converting the AC into DC they then invert it back to AC. One of the main reasons people go for an inverter generator is that they don’t produce noise when in use. Their engines are designed in a way whereby it can adjust itself to the amount of power necessary when in use. 

Portable generator: these generators provide temporary electrical power supply because they are designed with a combustion engine, they usually run on either diesel or gas fuel. They are mostly used in remote areas and at home, as portable as they are they can provide power for household appliances like television, small freezers and other light supply in the house at the same time, the only disadvantage is that cant can produce power for hours straight. These portable generators also allow you to plug electrical appliances directly into it.

Standby generator: as the name implies, this type of generators are designed to provide electrical power supply for a long period of time. They are quite pricey but with the price, they are also called backup generators because they come on automatically by themselves after a power outage. They make use of an internal combustion engine, they are quite bulky and not as portable as other generators because they come with a larget tank.

Diesel generator: these generators run with the use of diesel fuel, they are made with a combination of diesel engines and an electrical engine in order to produce electrical power. They are durable and have a long life span.

Solar generators: their power is gotten through solar panels, they get energy from the sun which is then stored in batteries, which is then used to produce electricity. They are also as quiet as inverter generators.