Adriatic Luxury Hotels

Responsive website for a collection of finest independent luxury hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
We designed a site that grouped 12 hotels and villas in one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities, Dubrovnik. We restructured and redesigned the old website, simplified its structure and created one with clean aesthetic and big immersive photography that’s easy to navigate and provides the best experience and pleasure in finding a perfect hotel on the Croatian seaside.
Successfully incorporating real-life experiences of visiting Adriatic Luxury Hotels into the website, while keeping in mind users’ needs, was of the utmost importance.Our goal was to provide an exquisite experience on all types of devices, but mobile’s role in tourism made it even more important. Taking into account the habits and behavior of users, as well as the way they consume content on mobile devices, we put an emphasis on the simplicity of navigation and interaction. We adjusted the mobile version of the website so it enabled users to reach the desired information and take appropriate actions faster.