Are you looking for a Title IX advisor in Texas: here’s what you should know!

If you happen to be a student accused of Title IX violation in Texas state, a good advisor is what can help you defend your case.

The students are free to choose any person as their advisor in a Title IX case. Hence, they should carefully select someone with the right skills to fight their case.

This piece helps you decide on the right Title IX advisor in Texas.

How should you choose a Title IX advisor?

To begin, Title IX law is a part of the federal civil rights law, The Educational Amendments of 1972. It aims at addressing sex-based discrimination and sexual misconduct on the campuses receiving federal funds in the United States.

In an allegation of campus sexual misconduct, both the complainant and the respondent can choose an advisor of their choice to assist them in the Title IX proceedings.

The advisor should be able to aid the students through investigation, grievance redressal, hearings, and disciplinary action proceedings. The advisor needs to have the requisite legal, technical and practical knowledge of the Title IX proceedings.

The advisors provided by the school are ill-suited for the job due to a lack of requisite legal acumen. Most students choose their acquaintances or well-wishers as their advisors. However, they lack the necessary legal and practical skills for Title IX proceedings.

By choosing a Title IX attorney as your advisor, you get the support of professional legal counsel and the insight of practical experience in dealing with Title IX proceedings.

Let us see how!

Title IX attorney as an advisor

Firstly, a Title IX attorney has the requisite knowledge of school procedures, the legal nitty-gritty of Title IX proceedings and understands the academic atmosphere better than an ordinary attorney. He/she can make the student understand the nature of the proceedings.

Further, an accused in Title IX violation needs to defend his/her case in extremely trying circumstances given the academic, social, and emotional repercussions of the sexual misconduct allegations. A Title IX attorney can skillfully use his/her legal acumen to fight false allegations.

Secondly, a Title IX attorney can aid the investigation process by collecting necessary evidence, recording witness statements, and other technical aspects thereby strengthening the defense counsel.

With their experience in Texas and other states, a Title IX attorney knows the academic atmosphere and is well-versed with the proceedings. It makes them invaluable advisors in Title IX cases.

Concluding thoughts

Choosing the right advisor in Title IX cases can ensure due process in the proceedings. Hence students in Texas need to take a prudent decision in securing their career and reputation in a Title IX case.