Best Tech Choices for Gaming-On-The-Go

The popularity of handheld, portable video gaming has exploded in recent years. You’ve probably already seen at least one person enjoying some quiet gaming time as you’re waiting to take a bus, train, or aeroplane. The good news is that while these devices used to be extremely expensive, and out of reach for most gamers, thanks to advances in technology, mobile gaming devices are more accessible than ever. These are just some of the ways you can embrace your inner gamer-on-the-go.

Gaming Laptops

A gaming laptop is the ideal device if you enjoy playing video games while not being near a power outlet. With the freedom to buy an almost unlimited list of titles from any digital shop, and enjoy significant savings, there is more choice than ever before. You are less restricted to the games you can play since gaming laptops have robust hardware that is also often upgradeable.

A powerful portable gaming PC can run the most recent Triple-A titles, while lower spec machines are typically only suited for less-demanding games, such as many of the indie games that are being released today. A gaming laptop could be right for you if you frequently travel and need a device that can manage mail, internet surfing, and intense gaming sessions all in one.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s hybrid nature makes it appealing to any gamers who play while on-the-go. Although it is a portable gaming device, it can be quickly connected to an external display, like your TV, computer screen, or a projector, so that you can continue any mobile gameplay on a much bigger display. Even better, you could remove the controls, set the system up on a table, and connect and play wirelessly from the display. It just takes a few seconds to go from one gaming style to the other, allowing you to pick up where you last finished playing.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing piece of hardware and a significant upgrade over past portable console generations from the gaming juggernaut that is Nintendo. The visuals are breath-taking when the console is connected to a full HD display, far surpassing those of the Nintendo 3DS.

Mobile Gaming on Android

Mobile gaming has grown massively over the past decade, taking the gaming industry by storm. In fact, a recent study showed that the mobile market is so big that it accounts for 60% of the entire gaming market. While this is disheartening news for traditional desktop gamers, it is great news for those people who can’t afford, who don’t want to budget for, a gaming-only device. With just the mobile phone in your pocket, you can now access hundreds of paid and free games that you can enjoy from the comfort of the backseat of a car, your couch, your bed, or even your bathroom. The choice is yours.

Your video game marathons don’t have to take place solely in your living room or bedroom thanks to laptops, video game consoles, and mobile phones. Choose wisely, prepare yourself with the appropriate tools and supplies, and take your game anywhere and everywhere you choose.