The Psychology of Gaming: Why We Love Video Games

a woman playing video game

When you think about video games, you might see children or teens spending hours in front of a screen, immersed in fantastical and adventurous worlds. However, since the initial arcade games were released in the 1970s, video games have advanced significantly. They now represent a multibillion-dollar sector with a broad clientele that … Read more

Local Multiplayer and Couch Co-op: The Joy of Gaming Together

a girl and a boy sitting in the living room holding tablets

Gathering with friends and family around a single screen to go on virtual adventures together is a timeless delight in the ever-evolving world of video games, where internet connectivity and state-of-the-art visuals rule the scene. This article examines the timeless attraction of couch co-op and local multiplayer gaming, a beloved custom that … Read more

Using Dark Mode When You Launch Twitch

laptop half closed from the side in the dark

The Dark Mode, also known as Night Mode, has become one of the most-sought-after features that every user on an app is searching. As the name suggests, the dark mode allows changing the background from a typical light color to a dark one.  This dark mode lessened your eye strain while browsing … Read more

What You Need to Record Gaming

Gamer playing computer game

Going into a hobby or a profession of creating video game content is exciting and rewarding. With the proper training, tips, software, and gears on the basics of a video game, you can record the gameplay and experience the thrill of it. While it is a simple process to record a video … Read more

What is gamer fashion?

Woman in VR goggles holding gamepad like gun

Video games are incredibly awesome. What makes them even more fantastic nowadays is the transformation of gaming into a fashion statement, with more players of video games purchasing new clothing items and skins for their avatar.  The choice of avatar clothing and skins has been necessary among video gamers. One of the … Read more

The Parents Introduction to Pokémon

Man playing Pokémon

Pokémon has been entertaining children all around the world for over 15 years. The Pokémon is already considered a household name in the gaming world.  Children have been discovering so many fun activities to do with it. Even parents are now totally aware of the different features of Pokémon. These include the … Read more

What are the must-haves for any gaming home setup?

Gamer enjoy winning video game at home

Playing games on PC at home is a rewarding experience. It’s not only fun-filled but also visually appealing. While others see it as a way to de-stress oneself from a tiring day, most young players look at it as the best way to interact with friends online in an artistic way.  To … Read more

What is Steam?

Steam’s logo

Steam is the world’s biggest online retail distributor of PC gaming. Valve Corporation created this digital game distribution platform. In 2003, Steam was first announced at the Game Developers Conference. Steam was initially designed to update its online games, like the Counter-Strike. In the latter part of 2005, Steam started to host … Read more