Site by Garden Studio for the Trinipedia Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android.


Single page website for the pearr. finance app for iOS. A deliciously simple way to be money mindful with the things you love.


Site by Crafted for the MusicFolio app. MusicFolio allows you to enjoy access to all of your music on the go, with all the features you need to help you perform at the highest level. Grab your tablet and instrument. We’ll handle the rest.


Neat single-page website for the VieLoco social application for iOS and Android.

Cinema Club

One-page site for the Cinema Club app for iOS and Android. Every cinema. Every movie. Every showtime.


Website for the Lingo media management application. Lingo is the best way to organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place – all on your desktop.


Site by Bürocratik in Portugal for the Quiver file and media sharing application. Quiver exists to put you in control over your files and share them with confidence. Our mission is to give you back full ownership over your files and being able to share it without effort, on your terms.


Minimal single-page website for Gifrocket, an app for Mac OSX that convents video to GIF format.


Site design by Socket Studios for the Kindeo app. Kindeo is an easy-to-use iPad app that helps you record stories and memories onto video. Everything is kept safely online, so it’s never lost; a unique record of your life, easy to create, intriguing to watch and an incredible gift for the people … Read more


Primer is a mobile app by Google for teaching advertising and marketing skills. When people succeed, Google succeeds. At our best, we help businesses of all sizes try new things and get more customers. But we also know it’s hard to get the knowledge you need to do innovative marketing. So we … Read more