Golden Thread Tarot

Promotional site by Tina Gong for the Golden Thread Tarot app for iPhone. Over the past years, I’ve become fascinated with tarot. It’s value really is in its ability to reflect one’s subconscious, not to “tell the future”, as proclaimed by various shady characters. There is an overarching story that is told … Read more


Site design by Umwelt for the SHFT running technology and app. Every day, millions of runners are running with a technique that saps their energy, slows their pace or damages their body. SHFT is the world’s most advanced virtual running coach, here to help people Run Right. The technology is based on … Read more

Artsy iPhone App

Site by Daniel Källbom for the Artsy iPhone App. The world’s largest database of contemporary and historical art, with for sale and reference works by Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Marina Abramovic, Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, and 40,000 more artists.


App showcase website for Prevue by Buzz Usborne, created by the founder and creator of the design presentation application. Prevue has been my own personal experiment in UX and UI — every interaction, element and animation has been designed to ensure the product is as efficient and intuitive as possible, including the … Read more


Excellent one page website for the Ginventory, an iPhone app dedicated to all things gin and tonic. This site features really slick transitions and was built by Reed in Belgium.

Bright New Day

Lovely one page site to showcase Bright New Day, a new iPhone application that offers daily inspirational quotes. Designed by Marek Andersson Piatek from Denmark, development by AHA IT.


Affinity design and development creative software for Mac OSX. To coincide with the launch of their new product, Affinity Photo, the team at Affinity have created a new website to showcase their applications. From the front end to back end we’ve crafted the site to deliver a content-first, intuitive and cinematic experience. … Read more


Cameo is a new smartphone app that lets you shoot and edit cinematic videos straight from your iPhone. This app has of course been created to sync nicely with the main Vimeo website.


Postbox is a premium email client for Mac and PC. They approached Big Bite Creative, a design agency based in the UK with requirements for a new website and visual identity. Since its announcement at 2008’s TechCrunch50 Postbox has been helping to improve people’s workday by making simple changes to the way … Read more

Google Keep

One page website to promote Google Keep, a note taking application for Android and the Chrome web browser. Keep is a well featured app that supports audio, photos, lists and more.