Site design by Johanna Lundberg for Dottir Attorneys.


Site by Adoratorio for Axteria Strategy Consultants. Axteria is a strategic consulting firm founded in 2002 with the support of a Merchant Bank. The founding members were previously Partner at Accenture and have significant experience in various consulting companies and large companies.


Site by Area 17 for Aparium. We believe in authentic flavour and celebrate true neighborhood character; not just the thoroughfares but the intriguing side streets. Our growing collection of independent hotels are remarkable in every way. Like the cities they inhabit, each Aparium hotel is unique—engaging, inspiring, individual, and real.


Business and finance blog website for Kekselias by Locomotive in Canada. Highly adaptable, energetic and self-motivated investment analyst and financial engineer assisting both domestic and foreign institutions with asset research and financial modelling.

Michael Elliot

Lovely corporate website by Six for Michael Elliot, property investment advisors in London, England. With over thirty years’ experience in London property, we’re one of the capital’s leading investment advisors. Maximising returns in a rapidly shifting environment like London requires intimate market knowledge. Especially when many of the biggest transactions happen behind … Read more

Vrge Strategies

Site design for Vrge Strategies by Urban Influence. With decades of experience and a track record of successful strategic campaigns in technology, business, and politics, Vrge is the partner you need to navigate change and disruption.

Holm Marcher & Co

Corporate site design for Holm Marcher & Co, a headhunting recruitment agency with a focus on communication, marketing and digital. Site design by Great Works.


Super-minimal corporate site for GRFN, a Management Consulting firm based in Central London. Design by SocioDesign. GRFN is a Management Consulting firm based in Central London specialising in building information modelling. The focus of our work is to help clients mitigate risk and drive efficiencies through people, process and technology.


Site design for Acme by Immersive Garden, a digital production studio based in Paris, France. Born 40 years ago when Dubai was only a desert, Acme is today one of the most competitive storage solutions providers worldwide.