On the Grid

On the Grid is the designer’s neighbourhood guide, with many of the major cities of the world featured. Each city is then broken down into neighbourhoods, with all the best local facilities and points of interest featured. These could be the best place to grab a coffee or something to eat, bars, … Read more

Crop Trust Annual Report 2014

Annual reports can be a dull and dry affair, but not in this 2014 report for the Crop Trust by EPIC Agency in Belgium. They’ve produced an engaging and interactive website that perfectly illustrates the key figures, as well as educates you both the key staff and organisation goals.

Future Water City

Future Water City is an informational website detailing water management in Denmark. Various statistics are presented via illustrations, text and video. It has always been our ambition in Denmark to find and develop better, cheaper and more efficient ways to handle drinking water and wastewater. Denmark is known as an international front-runner … Read more

Ice and Sky

Created by Source in Paris, Ice and Sky is an informational website that documents the history of climate change. The site features excellent use of audio and video to deliver a rich, engaging and educational experience to the user. Through his study of Antarctic ice, Claude Lorius was the first scientist to … Read more

Buses: The Weird & Wonderful

Designed by Parallax in Leeds, England, this is a colourful and quirky one page website detailing various facts and figures about buses. Rob Matwiejczyk from Parallax spoke about the project: The most rewarding part of the build was learning to manipulate some relatively complex SVG’s. I figured out pretty quickly that too … Read more

History Of Icons

Designed by Futuramo from Poland, this History Of Icons website is a visual brief on icon history through different graphical user interfaces in different operating systems on desktop and mobile. This colourful and easy to navigate site spans four decades of digital icons featuring many examples from computing giants such as IBM, … Read more


Informational and educational site detailing concerns and solutions regarding energy usage in Slovenia and the planet in general. With the eSvet project, we are trying to bring the issue and the challenges of the future of energy of Slovenia, the EU and the world closer to the information and communication needs of … Read more

Seeing Data

This is a lovely pair of microsites that effectively visualise data regarding migration numbers and related news stories in the UK. The first site tracks media news stories over an 8 year period. The data is then broken down into time periods, the amount of stories, and the type of media outlet … Read more