Site by Crafted for the MusicFolio app. MusicFolio allows you to enjoy access to all of your music on the go, with all the features you need to help you perform at the highest level. Grab your tablet and instrument. We’ll handle the rest.

Too Pop

Site by FCINQ for the Too Pop record label. Too Pop is a London-based dance label bringing you the biggest, freshest & hottest tracks from around the world.


Interactive game site by Epic for Red Bull. Discover a world of music and joy, surf into Red Bull TV’s Season of Festivals, an infinite runner game made with WebGL.


Visually striking website to promote the new album from Pilotpriest.


Qroom is an free online music player, just type in an artist or song and away you go.

Sound Of Change

Site by Hungry Boys for the Sound Of Change record label. Supporting Buskers Beyond The Streets. Sound of Change is the new record label, which gives buskers the opportunity to have their music recorded in a studio and listeners the world over, to help them make money beyond the streets.

Cycle Tracks

Website by Epiphany for Cycle Tracks. Cycle Tracks by Amplifon is an innovative web experience which takes your Strava cycle ride data and transforms it into your very own bespoke music track which you can enjoy, edit and share.

Fake Music

Site by Maxime Chillemi for the Fake Music record label.


Site design by Baptiste Ringot for the By:Larm music conference in Oslo, Norway. By:Larm’s acclaimed conference plunges you into a bubbling sauna of hot tips and cool ideas. Focusing on education and inspiration, our stimulating talks programme ranges from practical seminars to celebrity Q&As.