Agency site from Flint in Seattle. Flint is a graphic and interior design studio that builds compelling brands. We believe design has a job to do, and that great brands are clear, inspired, smart, and alive.

Dunkirk VR

WebVR game experience to promote the blockbuster movie of 2017, Dunkirk.


Studio site from WorkGroup in Dublin, Ireland. We believe that successful outputs are the product of a design process that addresses conceptual and practical requirements to create unified solutions. We think that both outcome and process should be both tangible and enlightening.

Football Crest Index

Site by James Kirkup for The Football Crest Index. The Football Crest Index is an independent project founded to document and preserve the rich history behind the crests of football clubs from around the world.


Site by Hello Monday for the Essential smartphone.


Studio site from Co-Motion in Indianapolis. As designers and entrepreneurs, we are passionate about helping companies discover, build, and launch new brands.


Site by Webamp for the Sliders restaurant in Copenhagen. Since the conception of Sliders to its current execution, the mission remains the same: influencing the idea of the perfect burger bar.