Tech product showcase and eCommerce website design by Magic People Voodoo People in Copenhagen, Denmark. AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use. AIAIAI’s modern, minimalist headphones and earphones deliver clear, amplified sound.


E-commerce site design built on Shopify/WordPress by Hugo & Marie for Cienne, a fashion label based in New York. Cienne is a fashion brand created for cool, modern women everywhere. Designed in NY, each look utilizes hand-crafted materials created by artisans all over the world and made by New York’s best tailors. … Read more

Tens Sunglasses

Tens is an independent company that create sunglasses with a difference; they have tints that react with the sun, letting you see the world in a different light. For decades, ordinary sunglasses have deprived the world of the sun’s natural glow, replacing its bright and beautiful rays with cold and lifeless shade. … Read more

Channel Islands Surfboards

This is a really nice example of a successful web and E-commerce site design for a major sports brand from the guys at SLTWTR. Excellent use of photography to help convey the mood and tone required, this combined with detailed product and E-commerce options make for a complete package. Channel Islands Surfboards … Read more

Nua Bikes

This is a lovely minimal example of a product/eCommerce website by Alícia Gómez, a designer based in Barcelona, Spain. Nua Bikes are a small independent bicycle designer and builder in Spain. With just a few bikes in their product range they needed a website that effectively highlights the craftsmanship and detail that … Read more