The Importance of a Strong Brand Identity in Website Design

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Today, the fact that everyone uses the Internet for everything from finding the greatest restaurant in their neighborhood to researching their next purchase confronts company owners worldwide. Thousands of prospective clients can be reached by you over the Internet, regardless of what you sell. Therefore, having a website alone is no longer … Read more

The Impact of Social Media Integration on Website Branding

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┬áSocial media integration into a website has grown to be a potent tool for companies looking to improve their branding and interact with a worldwide audience in the digital age when having an online presence is essential. This article explores the complex link between website branding and social media, examining how these … Read more

Where to Look for Website Theme Ideas

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Having a website is not enough. You have to be sure with your website theme ideas, so your site will be a cut above the rest. There is a need for you to capitalize on some website theme ideas before launching or thinking about designing your own website. You can contact the … Read more

How to Use Trianglify on Your Website

How to Use Trianglify on Your Website

Software developers always find a way to make things easy, doable, and aesthetically appealing. The coming of Trianglify paves the way for the creation of amazingly colorful triangle meshes with CSS backgrounds and SVG images for any design of your website. A javascript library for generating triangle meshes that are appealing to … Read more

Using Image Compression Software Speeds Up a Website

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There are plenty of reasons why your website is not speeding up despite its super graphic, quality content, and sleek design. Top of the reasons you are experiencing delay or static results in running your websites is how you handle and upload your images. As a matter of advice, you have to … Read more

Digital Marketing Strategies That Are Now Obsolete

Digital Marketing Strategies That Are Now Obsolete

Are you still trying to get sales or do promotions using past digital marketing tactics? These strategies were once the go-to methods to advertise your business, but now they can backfire. Digital Marketing, as we know, is forever-changing with new platforms, social channels, algorithms, and users’ behavior towards technology that even veterans … Read more

Essential Features Every Website Should Have

Essential Features Every Website Should Have

There is no single marketing factor more significant than the quality of a website. Your site is the first impression of an organization, and there are many more factors associated with it. You always need an attractive and engaging design that can gain a huge audience’s attention. Planning a new website design … Read more

The Worst Logos in Marketing History

The Worst Logos in Marketing History

An integral part of a business that provides a service or product is the brand. Therefore, many top echelons in marketing and designing spend most of their time on branding, and it can be a game-changer for the company. One of the most important aspects of branding is the logo. After all, … Read more

How to Recover from a Social Media Blunder

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When you have shared something on social media you can always take it down, but the chances are high that a few followers might have seen it by then. For brands that wish to go slightly off-brand and post something, it is crucial to remember that timeliness and tone of what to … Read more