Benefits of Using a CDN on Your Website

Benefits of Using a CDN on Your Website

What is a CDN? A Content Delivery Network is a set of servers placed across the world. If you have used shared hosting for your website, it means that your data center is specific to one location only. If a visitor far away from your data center is accessing your site pages, … Read more

WordPress speed optimization guide


Do you know that over 33 percent of the internet is now powered by WordPress? Talk about ruling the market! While this is a great statistic for a newcomer to trust WordPress for their website, it also means that customisations are endless. Thousands of plugins, integrations and pages exist, all guiding you … Read more

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Spa Companies

Spa Companies

It is important to have a nice user interface according to the business so the target audience can be attracted. If you have a spa or a beauty salon, there is no such need to construct the website and its user interface from scratch when you can do all of this with … Read more

Tips for Picking a WordPress Theme


If you’re starting out with WordPress, picking a theme for your website is going to be one of the most challenging and un-enticing tasks there is – it’s a roadblock most website owners don’t discuss. Simultaneously, it appears deceptively straightforward to novices. In short, there are plenty of WordPress themes, and people … Read more

Guide for Creating the Most Optimal Images for your WordPress Site

Creating Optimal WordPress Images Every Time

There are many benefits of adding images in your blog posts. First of all, blogs with images allow readers to read the post easily because photos break up lengthy and long paragraphs of content into small and engaging chunks. Through this, you can keep your visitors connected with your website. Secondly, well-labeled … Read more

9 Best WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

"9 Best WordPress Plugins"

Content is king. We all know that, right? Having multiple writers to write content for your blog is a great way to have more content. More writers provide you with more content and therefore, more traffic and revenue for your site. While it is easy to hire more writers, it is not … Read more

7 Best Lightbox Plugins to Create Stunning Popup Boxes


Lightbox is one of the most popular methods of displaying media in modern websites. Whether you are displaying your portfolio, the latest product images or random snaps from your last tour, your website needs a lightbox plugin. Due to their huge popularity, there are lots of lightbox plugins for WordPress. Among all … Read more

Top 5 Ways to Build an Email List in WordPress

alt="Top 5 Ways"

In today’s world, having an email list is a must for any blog or growth-oriented business. It is estimated that the links included in emails get as much as 10 times more clicks than the traditional social media platforms. Besides sending regular updates and promotions, you can also use the email list … Read more

5 Best WordPress Event and Calendars Plugins

"5 best WP event plugins"

Event and calendar plugins are very popular among regular WordPress users. These plugins allow them to handle complex tasks like event management, online booking, tickets, reservations, scheduling etc. There are lots of events and calendar plugins for WordPress, but not all of them are up to the mark. That is why we … Read more