CEO Zhenui Wang Outlines Brand Upgrades Planned at JD Logistics

In celebration of JD Logistics’ eighth anniversary, on August 18, 2020, as an officially registered company, CEO Zhenhui Wang issued a letter of congratulations to the operation’s employees, announcing upgrades to the company’s vision and mission, brand image and organizational structure. Wang’s letter was in support of furthering the company’s goal of becoming a leader in the logistics sector.

In the letter, Zhenui Wang noted that thanks to the Internet and consumer increase, JD, through a number of operational achievements, has served as an important part of infrastructure for a more cohesive society and an improved way of life. Foremost among these achievements were JD’s 750 large warehouses, with a total area of about 18 million meters squared, storing more than six million SKUs.

According to Wang, the company has delivered more than 50 million tons of wares through the fast and professional services of over 200,000 delivery personnel over the past eight years. JD’s network has extended throughout all counties and districts of the Chinese Mainland, even reaching less developed villages and countryside with the technology-based same-day service Wang identified as fundamental to “China speed”.

Long-Term Focus

In the address, Wang also identified persistence and determination over the long term as core tenets of the company’s ability to improve the experience for customers.

Extending from the company’s first Beijing Phoenix Ridge warehouse to its warehouse network, now reaching smaller cities, JD’s logistics hubs, warehouses and delivery stations continue to shorten the supply chain from product manufacturing to product delivery, he said.

Wang also highlighted the evolution of capabilities, from 2014 and the Asia No.1 Shanghai logistics park to the first planet’s first 5G-based smart logistics park and a completely automated warehouse, supporting couriers through optimized delivery routes and helping them meet their delivery-time commitments.

The company’s ability to improve efficiency across the process and the ultimate end-user experience is due to a continued and consistent investment and focus on technology and R&D at JD, Wang said.

Commitment to Daily Business

Zhenhui Wang singled out the provision of daily needs and daily services as the company’s core contribution overall. This fundamental is exemplified by the company’s commitment to the “order in the morning, receive it in the afternoon” standard, he said.

Wang noted a key example of this commitment demonstrated in continued door-to-door delivery and a standard of high-quality services provided throughout the Chinese New Year. He also highlighted the company’s voluntary transport of emergency relief items and the supply of daily necessities and medical supplies in response to the pandemic.

JD also assisted in the distribution of educational materials and the transportation of personal belongings for medical teams, says Wang. And the company was instrumental in building out a management platform for emergency supplies, maintaining a consistent daily provision of food from the Hebei Gaobeidian agricultural base to residents of Beijing, he added.

Wang’s letter also referred to the company’s opening-up strategy, based on its growing partnership with hundreds of thousands of social institutions and merchants who increasingly rely on the logistics capabilities of Wang’s company and even its services and technology. Wang noted a consequent joint improvement of efficiency through an integrated supply chain that increases cooperation between like-minded operations and serves more clients and consumers.

In support of the company’s goal of becoming the leading supply-chain logistics provider in the world, the company set out three company upgrades, says Wang:

  • Mission and Vision – a technology-driven proprietary logistics network with a global perspective, based on the company’s opening-up strategy, aimed at establishing JD as the most trusted supply chain infrastructure provider worldwide
  • Organizational Structure – a more established organizational foundation building on the company’s seven well-organized national regions, leveraging revolutionary technology in support of global operations
  • Brand Image – the presentation of a brand image, titled JDL, intended to address a younger and more tech-savvy audience and gain a wider audience

The Next Eight Years

Zhenui Wang summed up with the company’s projections for the coming eight years, in which the company plans to develop high-grade logistics products supporting a digitally-driven and integrated supply chain. By working with more partners and capitalizing on the Internet to reach lower-tier markets, says Wang, JD Logistics plans to maintain a dual circulation, domestic and international approach aimed at making the company the world leader in supply chain logistics.