Cheap Ways to Organize and Disguise an Ignition Interlock Device

Getting an ignition interlock device or a breathalyzer is something that cannot be undone. After a moment of cursing your luck and regretting several actions, there is nothing left to do than to accept what has happened and try to move on.

However, the setup of an ignition interlock device isn’t one that is easy to hide. In fact, the rolling retests make it worse.

Here are some cheap ways to bypass this problem.


Learn to operate it

The first step to organizing or disguising your ignition interlock device is to learn how to operate it. Sadly, there is no one-size-fits-all technique as there are various types of breathalyzers made by different manufacturers. By the way, learn the Drunk driving laws here.

Simply put

Your best bet is to thoroughly read and understand your manual. You should also reach out to your provider if anything is unclear.

Figure out where it should be placed

Once you know how it works, be sure that you place it in its right spot.

You must place the ignition interlock device in a place that you can reach without having to stretch. This way, you can easily breathe into it. Be sure that you do not ignore any laws or instructions in order to avoid a lockout.

Cable management

Your breathalyzer will have a lot of cables or wires connected to it. If you often give people lifts, the wires can be cumbersome to deal with.


It is not a smart idea to leave them lying around. Instead, you can organize your cables. You can do this by using:

Cardboard tubes

You can get this from paper towels that have been used up or you can make yours from cardboard. You can pass the cables through the holes to keep them aligned.

Gift wrappers

If you want something fancier, consider wrapping the cables in gift wrappers for a colorful theme.

Cable organizers

Cable organizers are designed to keep cables in place. They are really affordable and common.

Binder clips

Binder clips are an even cheaper option that will help you keep your cables in place. You can use them to bind the cables together.


Despite how well you organize your ignition interlock device, you might still need to hide it when you need to use it in a public place.

Here are some tips to help guide you:

Don’ts of disguise

  • Do not cover the face of your breathalyzer: This is against the rules and could get you a lockout
  • Do not have someone take it for you: If it has occurred to you to let someone else take your test, don’t.

Here’s why:

Your ignition interlock device is wired to recognize you.

  • Do not ignore: When you are required to take a rolling retest where other people can see, resist any temptation to ignore the prompt. You could get a service lockout.

Dos of disguise

  • Small open box: You can place your ignition interlock device in a small box with the front cut out and place it back where it should be. Remember not to cover the front of the box.
  • Large cup: If you need to take a test where other people are, you can conceal the breathalyzer using a very large cup. You can quickly breathe into it. Try to be discreet and unsuspicious.

Final Thoughts

As you can imagine, it definitely isn’t easy to conceal an ignition interlock device. If you get into a situation where you have to pick between doing an alcohol test and being seen or ignoring the test, ALWAYS pick the test.

Everyone makes mistakes and it is rather stressful to worry over something you cannot change.