Convincing Reasons to attend the Affiliate Summit West 2020, Las Vegas

Affiliate Summit West 2020 is set to take place in Las Vegas on January 27-29. The 3 days event is one of the top e-commerce conferences in the country and probably the world. Due to the different attendee types, the sessions will cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to ensure everyone walks away with enriching tips and appropriate action plans for their businesses. Among the attendees of the performance marketing event will be bloggers, merchants (stores and service providers), marketers, large affiliates companies, networks, and recruiting agencies. Below are the top 10 reasons why anyone should be attending the revolutionizing Affiliate Summit West Jan 2020.

Affiliate Summit West Aids in Establishing Networks

The event will bring together vendors, bloggers, merchants, and networks. This is a great networking opportunity for affiliates to meet as peers from all over the world. Getting to meet other people that work in the same industry as you can prove beneficial as they may have relationships with vendors or partners that may be of help to you. If you are a new affiliate, you meet people from large affiliate companies who do this fulltime and help you stay motivated. Networking enables you to find out which programs to drop and how to replace them to earn more.

New Exposure

In the conference, affiliates will meet face to face with merchants. This creates a better bond and working conditions for both. Affiliates get an avenue for interaction with vendors. This usually results in increased commissions and issues addressed. A good reason for members to attend Affiliate Summit West Jan 2020 is that several affiliate network companies will also be present for recruitment. This is a good chance for affiliates to choose which network they would like to work for.

At Affiliate Summit West, you can expect way more than 150 programs from over 75 of the most brilliant personalities in affiliate marketing who make millions of dollars. There will be over 200 expert speakers (Neil Patel, Mark Walters, Steven Bartlett, Charles Calabrese, Ryan Deiss, Robert Glazer) who will be sharing their insight on affiliate marketing from their many years of experience and success. These are individuals who make an earnest living out of affiliate marketing, and many do this a fulltime job. They are therefore well experienced and ready to share a ton of tips and advice you can use.

Learning and Development

Affiliate Summit West is always particularly more unique for bloggers. At the summit, some full-time bloggers share their insight on the subject, unlike on other blogging tradeshows where there are speakers who blog as a part-time gig. At the past and upcoming affiliate marketing conference, there are always sessions where people build and launch blogs as you watch. This helps to see things that you may not have known or remembered in your blogging career. At the show, you will be taught other avenues of monetizing your blog apart from affiliate marketing such as testing ads, heat mapping to social media. 

More than 1000 exhibitors are expected to be present in the show. In the exhibition hall, you will be able to talk to and see the best of cutting-edge products and suppliers in the affiliate marketing industry.

Valuable Partnerships

For merchants and vendors, attending the Affiliate Summit West show should be a key priority due to the many advantageous leverages of being at the conference. The Affiliate Summit West show is a great place to find suitable partners that will add value to you. Through talks with other experienced merchants, you can learn how to manage and clean dirty affiliate programs that rip you off. You will also learn how to recruit, activate, and create better bonds with your affiliates. 

Master Market Trends

Affiliate networks should be attending the Affiliate Summit West Jan 2020 because there will be a ton of competitors from top companies in the world. The networks will be able to learn what their competitors are doing and the current trend for digital marketers. You may get more exposure to your new tools and products by live demonstration to a targeted group of people.

The affiliate summit show offers scholarship programs for new startup companies, affiliates, and bloggers. This is an excellent resource for younger companies that would want to attend the show or workshops and learn how they would grow their business. There are mentorship programs for new attendees where they are attached to a veteran to encourage and mentor the newbies.

Nice Office Vacation

We all know that affiliate marketing involves mostly spending a lot of time staring at your computer monitor. Attending the Affiliate Summit West Jan 2020 would be a great way to get from the office and spend time with peers from all over the world. Also, it is affordable.

Affiliate Summit West always aims at giving exposure to new talents. Giving a speech on your knowledgeable and well-structured line of experience can go a long way in launching your career as a public speaker. A talk at the show would establish a good following and audience for you.