Creative Cruise

Site design by Superhero Cheesecake for the Creative Cruise event in Holland.
The Creative Cruise is an initiative to celebrate Amsterdam’s creative vibe. It brings together like-minded industry professionals from advertising and production agencies based on and around the canals of Amsterdam. We selected 6 pick-up points spread out on the canal Herengracht and Oostelijke Handelskade right in front or near the invited agencies. So you can hop on board or hop off wherever you like since we cruised the canals a couple of times.
As an invitee all you had to do on the website is to select a pick-up point. Selecting a point is easy, just scroll and the boat will start moving from point to point. If you see a point close to your agency, you can choose to hop on and RSVP. On mobile you’d swipe to the right instead of using your mouse to scroll.