Do I Need Security Guards for Events?

If you are in the process of planning an event, it requires a monumental amount of work and effort. From making decisions about the venu location to selecting food and beverages for the menu, one essential part you shouldn’t overlook is hiring event security.

Event security is an essential part of any public or private event, but some event management or hosts can question its necessity. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of having event security and how much event security you should have.

Benefits of Event Security

Some of the benefits of having security at your event can include the following:


Event security adds a visual deterrent to your event, their visual presence serves as a reminder to attendees that they are being monitored and helps gently enforce compliance. Security presence is shown to discourage guests from creating a disturbance or being unruly.

Control of crowds

Security presence can reduce the risk of chaos in case of disturbance or unforeseen event. They can assist guests in leaving in an orderly fashion and not blocking exits, with line control to ensure there is no cutting or stop guests from entering restricted areas.

Guidance in a high-stress circumstance

Security personnel are trained to be points of contact in high stress or risky situations. Your event security can be trained to give direction and assistance to your guests. Attendees of your event will know that uniformed security will be able to provide direction and assistance.

Authorized Attendance

If you have a public event, there is a likelihood that uninvited guests may try to attend or crash your event. Non authorized guests can cause disturbances that can escalate beyond the scope of regular event staff. When you employ security personnel, they are trained to de-escalate any potential issues and deal with guests who aren’t on the list.

How much event security personnel would I need for my event?

How many security guards you need for your crowd will depend on the size of your venue and the number of people who are or potentially attending your event. A general rule of thumb is to have one security guard per 25-50 people at your event or party. By following this general rule it will help you budget and plan accordingly.

One misconception is that smaller events do not need as many security guards. But in fact, small to medium sized events that are held outdoors or over a wider area may re            uire several guards. This can help to control entry and exits especially if you have numerous entry points.

If you have a large party or event, crowd control will need a significant amount of event security. Regardless of the size of the venue, larger crowds have the potential to get out of control. Not having enough security or an understaffed event can mean legal issues and liability consequences for the event organizer if someone is injured or hurt during your event.

Event Crowd vs Security Guard Ratios:

25 or less people

For events with 25 or less you will only need one security guard at the most. For an event this size you could also do without any security but it is recommended to have at least one guard.

25 to 50 people

Once you have 25 people or more, it is recommended that you hire at least 2 guards. This size of event wouldn’t be manabe by yourself.

50 to 300 people

In order to ensure safety of an event this size, both inside and outside the venue will need security. You would need 4-8 security guards to help ensure compliance, safety and security with all attendees.

300 to 800 people

This size of event is the most likely to have issues, just hiring regular event staff is not enough to ensure safety or monitor the event. To keep an eye on your guest and mediate any issues that may occur the recommended amount of security is 15-20.

800 to 1200 people

With an event this size, the help of security guards will be essential. The amount of guards necessary to help manage crowd control, safety and monitoring should be no less than 20. The best recommendation is to have approximately 20-30 guards present throughout the event.

In conclusion

In order to ensure the success and safety of your event, it’s best to keep the points above in mine. By hiring event security guards, you help ensure quality, effective protection of your event. By choosing a quality security company and the correct number of security guards you protect the investment you’ve made with your event and ensure your guests satisfaction.