Essential Supplies for Educational Leaders

If you’ve completed one of the online educational leadership programs from an accredited institution, such as the University of Cincinnati, you know that being a leader in education is a rewarding career path. You also know that having the right supplies on hand is essential for keeping your school running smoothly. But what exactly should you keep in stock? Below is a list of essential supplies for educational leaders.

Business Checks

Business checks are essential supplies for educational leaders because they help manage the financial aspects of their institution. Educational leaders can use a business check to write checks to pay employees, vendors, and other individuals or organizations. They can also use them to deposit money into their institution’s bank account. Additionally, business checks can help educational leaders keep track of their expenses. By using business checks, lead teachers and principals can ensure that their institution’s finances are managed effectively and efficiently.


A highlighter is a pen or pencil that has fluorescent ink or lead used to highlight important words or phrases in a text. There are many different types of highlighters, including those that come in multiple colors, those with chisel tips for broad highlighting, and those with fine tips for more precise highlighting. Highlighters are an essential tool for educational leaders because they can help them quickly and easily identify the most important points in a text. Additionally, they can be used to create study guides by highlighting key concepts and terms.


Pencils are perfect for making notes and drafting lesson plans. They are also great for recording student test scores and tracking their progress. Lead teachers need to be able to communicate effectively with their students, and pencils are the perfect tool for doing so. Pencils can be used to write out assignments and help students stay on track. They can also be used to give students encouragement and positive feedback.


Walkie-talkies are essential supplies for lead teachers. They provide a means for efficient communication between leaders and staff in different parts of the school. With walkie-talkies, leaders can easily and quickly relay messages to staff, coordinate events, and manage emergencies. In addition, walkie-talkies can also be used for educational purposes, such as providing real-time feedback to teachers in the classroom or communicating with students during outdoor activities.

A Planner

A Planner

In order to be an effective leader in education, it is essential to have one of the best teacher planners. Planners allow teachers to organize their time, plan their lessons, and track their progress. They are also a great way to keep track of student behavior and progress. Planners are a valuable tool for teachers and can help them to be more efficient and effective in the classroom. A planner is essential for leaders in education because it is a way to keep track of what is happening in the classroom. It is also a way to keep track of what is happening with the students. A planner can help to keep the leaders in education organized and on top of things.

A Chalkboard

As a leader in education, a chalkboard is an essential tool for communicating with your team, organizing your thoughts, and tracking students’ progress. A chalkboard is a great way to visually organize your thoughts. You can create charts, diagrams, and lists to help you plan your lessons and track your students’ progress. A chalkboard is also a great way to communicate with your team. You can post meeting agendas, notes, and ideas for upcoming lessons.

There are a number of essential supplies that educational leaders should have. These supplies are necessary for leaders to be able to effectively carry out their duties. Having these supplies available ensures that leaders in education are able to work together to achieve their goals.