Follow These Important 4 Tips to Make Relevant and Engaged LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a very popular platform for any kinds of business related activities. If you really want to grow your business, then LinkedIn is the most relevant and useful platform. LinkedIn can easily help you to boost your social media traffic and increase your brand awareness as well. Your presence in social media marketing is very much important. But there are many people who do not know how to use LinkedIn properly. You should not follow the copy and paste policy of your blog content in order to generate leads and sales. You will have to make a different type of content on LinkedIn. But you should know first why LinkedIn is the most powerful social network in the world.

Why LinkedIn is important?

LinkedIn is the most useful and professional social networking sites. If you have B2B business, then LinkedIn is the ideal platform in order to expand your business. So, it is very much important to have a LinkedIn profile. In the year 2017, LinkedIn makes 500 million members. But in the year 2018, it made some important changes in case of user experience. It has changed its overall platform and algorithm as well. In the 2018 November, LinkedIn has reached to 590 million users. It is like 18% reach than the previous year. After this phase, LinkedIn is growing rapidly with a special growth rate of more than two members per second. So, you will have to pay attention in order to make your profile valuable and rich. Here are some posts that you should follow in order to increase engagement.

Informative and native videos to grab the attention of the viewers

Social media is a very strong and useful platform for grabbing attention. Nowadays, most of the people spend their maximum hours on social media. They use to see informative videos. You can also share native video on LinkedIn. They actually spend an hour by watching videos on YouTube. Apart from this, they also spend so much time by scrolling the Facebook newsfeed. They also spend so much time on Instagram and Snapchat. But LinkedIn is not like that. People are not using LinkedIn like other social media platforms. They spend minimum an hour per week for LinkedIn.

In LinkedIn, you record the video and upload it. But you should not expect 100 clicks and many shares like other social media platforms. But you should make posts on LinkedIn. You should make it concise and short. The short but informative video can easily grab the attention of the viewers. You can also include links in your profile. Your video should be high quality and informative as well. You will have to know some strategies of social media marketing in this case. Short and informative videos are far more attractive than the long form content.

You can follow some popular and valuable videos in order to get some idea related to this. You can spice up your videos but you will have to keep it short and educative.

Write text-only posts

You can share posts related to text-only. Social media posts related to images and videos are very much important in case of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But in LinkedIn, you can share text-only posts. It will also get the numbers of likes and comments. So, it is a vague idea to use only image and video related posts. In this case, you should learn some basics of digital marketing as well. Actually, basic and simple text posts can get more likes, comments and views. But you can also use attractive emojis in order to make your content eye-catching. You can use these contents in your status updates as well. So, now you can create simple contents to enrich your business and build engagement as well.

Optimize your posts

You will have to optimize your posts at first. In case of written posts, you will have to make it short. You can quick share your posts as well. You will have to decide your target audience at first. This will make your post simple and attractive as well. You can also get more reach by following this. LinkedIn publishers allow you to publish long forms of articles.

Write better content on LinkedIn

At first you will have to select the types of contents. If you really want real engagement, then you will have to follow this rule. You should not share random links that the audience ignore mostly. You will have to create original content in order to engage customers and expand your business. The better content grabs more to more viewers to your profile.

Bottom line

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