Format is a portfolio website builder that is a joy to use. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. This is prevalent in both the minimalist themes available, and the wonderfully straightforward process for creating and managing your content. Whilst Format could be effectively used by designers and artists, it’s photographers that are really well catered for here.
There are currently around 17 themes to choose from, each with it’s own layout and characteristics. Once you’ve added some content via the editor, it’s superbly easy to organise, and those with some coding skills can benefit by having access to the HTML, CSS and JavaScript via the built-in code editor. The majority of users will not have any coding skills, but they need not worry, you can get on just fine with the regular editor and themes.
Whilst of course the main focus is on the portfolio, Format has a simple blog functionality too. Additionally, there are some really nice touches aimed solely at photographers; the first is to help protect your images, you can disable your visitor’s ability to ‘right-click’ on their mouse to save your image. There is also a Format Publisher for Adobe Lightroom, this allows users to publish and update your Format website direct from Lightroom.
In summary, Format is a top class portfolio builder that comes at a very reasonable price point, with plans starting at just $5.75 per month. If you’re a photographer and in need of a professional looking website, Format might just be the best option available.