Fornasetti is a historic design brand, globally known for its ironic and non-conventional style. Design and development by AQuest, project details below.
Fornasetti has always been considered a cutting-edge brand, the creator of surreal visions that swim against the tide with design creations that are recognised and admired the world over. Each object they create embodies beauty that is both ageless and timeless, representing a journey through the history and the mind-mazes of those who produce them.
A key challenge in representing any brand lies in figuring out how best to capture that core value promising originality, distinctiveness and assurance: in this case, the story of the brand itself. Celebrating 100 years of Fornasetti comes about through collecting together a combination of visionary ingredients that the brand has remained faithful to and encouraged over the years.
Our idea was to use the remarkable journey taken by brand founder Piero Fornasetti, and divide it into six major chapters taking us up to the present day. Each part becomes a fully interactive viewing experience thanks to Parallax.js, graphics and music curated specifically to interpret the contents of the journey.