Found Them First

Cool site for Found Them First, an experimental new service from Spotify, the music streaming giants. Some nice info and background to the site from Stinkdigital below.
The second in a series of ongoing B-Sides data experiments for Spotify, Found Them First compares your individual Spotify listening history to global data in order to reveal just how many artists you discovered before the tidal wave of mainstream acceptance hit.
With hundreds of new artists in the database, we had to design an experience that could look every bit as good for users with two matches as it would for users with 60. Having a relatively simple flow also meant that the site’s animation and motion really had to sing. From a tech standpoint, Found Them First uses Pixi.js to render on modern browsers and canvas for mobile and tablet animation fallbacks. The site was launched for three locales (US/UK/DE) with more still to come. Believe it or not, a 300GB CSV also factored into the production.