A slightly surreal interactive experience from Animade. Full details below.
When the brains of our developers and animators come together, strange hybrid creations are born. This studio project is an extension of our Lido Sim animation, both designed and directed by Milo Targett. It expands on the idea of a user ‘playing god’, but unlike the voyeuristic observation that its predecessor offered, the concept is this time expressed through a mechanic that puts the player in control. Our beautiful monster rapidly grew a large fan base, attracting 12,000 views in its first 24 hours.
The theme of the web-toy is a grotesque, pink-hued dissection of the human body, with interconnecting pop-up windows containing organs to manipulate. Rolling eyeballs, blonde locks riddled with lice and a hairy nostril are among the malleable body bits in this virtual laboratory, with more absurd twists and surprises emerging as you continue to explore.