How Often Do Mobile Security Patrols Visit A Location During A Shift?

Providing a safe and secure environment is an integral part of owning and operating a business or organization. Doing so ensures the well-being of customers and patrons and will inspire said individuals to keep returning. One way to achieve this aim is by retaining the services of mobile security patrols.

Mobile Security Patrols Overview

Crime statistics regarding theft-related incidents are staggering. Each year, millions of such offences occur. A discernible percentage also involve weapons and even result in property damage, bodily injury and death. In consideration of such sobering numbers, many retail establishments turn to mobile patrols to prevent their entities from becoming such statistics.

Many people incorrectly think of private security as a sole night watchman sitting in a small booth at the entrance to a property or establishment’s grounds. However, in truth, mobile patrols are quite the opposite. These highly skilled and experienced security forces often employ staffers with extensive law enforcement or military training.

In addition to their backgrounds, those employed by firms overseeing patrol units are well-versed in many important security actions such as performing routine checks of designated areas of a property for suspicious persons or untoward activities, responding to alarms, aiding law enforcement officials in responding to incidents and even providing first aid to injured parties.

Moreover, these trained professionals also help businesses and property owners formulate strategies to prevent crime. Mobile patrols can help clients identify the vulnerabilities they might face and address how to reverse these possible liabilities.

Benefits Of Mobile Patrols

Benefits Of Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are often considered the most optimal choice when designating a private security force for the following reasons:

Crime Deterrence

Criminals are typically smart and particularly astute. In many instances, said offenders carefully study potential targets and often choose to attempt malfeasant acts against locales they feel will be the easiest scores or offer the least resistance. Ergo, establishments presenting discernible mobile forces have the potential to serve as a major deterrent and greatly reduce the chances of any untoward incidents from occurring.

Employee And Patron Safety

Not all crimes occur after hours. Disturbances happening during the business day can have a detrimental impact. Having an experienced patrol team on standby goes a long way to preventing minor to moderate events from escalating into major problems.

The Ability To Handle Various Situations

Not every event will prove as simple as identifying and corralling a handful of teenage shoplifters. In many instances, any number of circumstances, potentially even emergencies, may arise. Establishment managers and proprietors often take comfort in knowing a trained team of experienced professionals can immediately respond to and address such events.

Visiting Specific Locations

Arguably, the biggest benefit of mobile patrols yield is their capacity to frequent specific locations within a property or establishment when the need arises. Said ability often manifests in many positive outcomes, including:


Mobile patrols often possess one or several vehicles enabling roving team members to visit any location whenever the need arises.


Additionally, roving patrols can often respond to incidents in minutes, potentially as quickly as seconds after a report is made. Such expedited responses may stop malfeasance acts before they get started or prevent said occurrences from morphing into serious trouble.

Heightened Monitoring

Roving patrols are capable of keeping a watchful eye on every area of a given establishment. Unfrequented or often unused locations such as basements, discernible storage spaces, and behind garbage dumpsters are perfect locations for prospective malfeasants to hide. Thieves are unlikely to try and hide out in such places where entities serviced by mobile patrols execute their craft.