How to Brew Iced Coffee; Step-by-Step

Iced coffee is probably the easiest and the fastest type of coffee to make. In places like Japan and China, every cafe has an option of either hot coffee or iced ones. You don’t need many ingredients, you don’t need much time to get your things done.

How do you brew iced coffee?

Here, we would highlight some Japanese styles in brewing iced coffee. Meanwhile, for your coffee machines, check for your quality coffee makers.

Make sure your brewing water is boiled:

The Japanese style embraces boiled and hot brewing water before making an iced coffee. Make sure your brewing water is boiled for about 2 [two] minutes before you continue the process.

Measure your coffee:

Measure out your coffee to the desired size. It is noteworthy that your measured coffee determines the amount of iced coffee you get at the end of the process. As you measure it out, get your grinder and all grinding tools, because the next process is grinding!

Grind it:

Yeah, you definitely have to grind it. Grind it into a fine state so that you can extract your coffee better at the end of the process. It doesn’t take time. Just get the necessary tools for grinding and make it a bit softer and finer for a good and quality extraction process. Meanwhile, as you grind, also decide if you desire to add milk. Note that if you eventually decide to add milk, the ground coffee has to be finer so that it can mix well with the added milk, in order to achieve sweet coffee!

Pour your boiled water into the decanter:

This should be done using a filter so that the decanter will be wet. After this, add your ice cubes to the decanter. Don’t add it before you pour the hot water so as to ensure that the ice cubes do not melt away easily. Add your pour over into the filter for a scale, so it doesn’t waste away.

Make this process as fast as possible, because your boiled water could mix with the ice cube if the process is very slow and it won’t achieve the iced desire.

Pour your ground coffee into the filter:

Before you complete the process, pour your ground coffee into the filter so as to hold it and scale it, it will mix with the pour-over.


Use about 90 grams of water, then bloom for about 35 seconds. As it blooms, add more water to it, so it can reach about 200 grams.

The desired gram is about 335-340 grams. As the process goes on, add more water till it reaches the desired gram. As it blooms, the mixture rotates for a while.  However, if you desire to use milk in the process, then the added water should definitely be reduced. So it doesn’t become too fluid and tasteless.

As soon as this is done, pour the mixture away from the decanter into probably a cup, kettle, or bowl. Add some more ice, and serve cold!