How To Solve Problems With Innovative Apps

Every modern person now and then catches himself thinking that he needs to optimize his time, find new ways to improve his lifestyle, increase income, and have a couple of good habits. We all want to be slimmer, healthier, more beautiful and more successful. And it’s cool that to achieve these desires we have our own assistant – a smartphone. If you install only 8 applications  on your phone to solve everyday problems, the quality of life will immediately go up the hill.


A popular application for tracking the amount of water you drink from  creative innovations inc. First, you indicate your rate of fluid intake, and then – the volumes drunk, or simply take pictures of empty bottles, mugs, glasses, and the application will calculate the amount drunk by itself. If you suddenly forget to drink, you will definitely be reminded. To gauge progress, you can find a bottle icon on the home screen that refills as the day progresses. In general, everything has been done here so that you get yourself a new healthy habit.


A real find for those who go in for sports with their dog. Enter the parameters, yours and your dog, select the type of activity – and go! Whether you are just walking your dog in peace or running a race, the app will tell you how many kilometers you have covered and how many calories you burned. It will be even more interesting if you are suddenly fond of bike joring (as they call riding a bike with a dog) or ski joring (skiing with a dog), or sledding. All loads, both your dog’s and yours, will be recorded. In the application, you can track your progress, check routes, speed and time difference. You can also find friends with the same interests, subscribe to their updates and arrange a competition whose dog is more athletic.


Sometimes simple to-do lists don’t help – especially when you need to solve a complex problem or make a difficult decision. For example, to plan your future career, you can draw a branched diagram of several decisions and consequences. So you will more clearly define what you want, how to build relationships with colleagues and the employer, what skills to improve, where to move on. Mindmap, or mental map, which is often used by advertisers, designers, and project managers, helps in this sorting out on the shelves. Of course, these diagrams can be drawn on paper, but there are also special applications, such as Mindmeister. This is a special editor with which it is easier to structure the correct hierarchy of tasks, thoughts and ideas. Then you can share your cards with other users to solve problems together.


Many of us have one password for all accounts – and this is very insecure. But if you make a separate password in each application, it will be impossible to remember them. There are password managers for this case. LastPass is one of the most user-friendly and reliable out there today. It will be enough to connect the application with the sites and services that you use once, and it will generate and remember a very complex and strong password for each of them. You don’t have to write them down on pieces of paper or text documents. Everything is stored in the app and synced across devices. You can also share your password with loved ones.

Radio Arzamas

Application of the educational site is known for its lectures, articles and videos on humanitarian knowledge. It contains all the courses that have ever come out on Arzamas – hundreds of lectures on art, literature, history, cultural studies, philology on the most unexpected topics. Moreover, in the appendix, all lectures are published earlier than on the website. Here you can also listen to the author’s podcasts, which discuss, for example, Russian swearing, avant-garde painting or superstition, or audio versions of the best text materials from the site. Sometimes there are musical selections and rare recordings of voices from the past.


A more traditional app for monitoring eating habits. You enter your data on weight, height and age, as well as a goal – how many kilograms you want to lose or, conversely, gain. The application will calculate the number of calories needed for the day, and then you can keep your food diary, driving in what and when you ate. It is not necessary to enter everything manually – sometimes it is enough to photograph the barcode on the package. The app assesses the balance of each meal, tells you how many calories you have left to add until the end of the day. Also in Lifesum, you can find various useful tests, recipes and tips to help you achieve the desired results.


The app by renowned entrepreneur and creator of Digg, Kevin Rose, helps you keep track of your diet during fasting days and diets. It is based on the fasting system, that is, intermittent fasting. Zero gives you a choice of one of two methods. The first is based on circadian rhythms: you are encouraged not to eat (well, or almost not) before and after sunset in order to achieve 13-16 hours of fasting per day. The second method assumes that five days a week you will eat as usual, and for two days severely limit the diet to 500-600 kcal. You can also design a custom pattern at your own intervals. In any case, before starting such a diet, you should consult with a nutritionist.


To make a nice informational picture for social networks, a postcard, an invitation or a poster, you do not need to understand complex graphic editors. In Canva everything is very clear: you can choose a specific format, for example, Facebook cover or Instagram post, and find dozens of ready-made templates with pre-selected images, type compositions and other graphic details. All elements can be edited – type your text, replace a picture, filter, color, remove or add a frame, etc. Everything looks very professional and stylish. If you haven’t found anything suitable, you can create your own template.