Dark and minimal site for Minus-8 Watches. Website by Landscape who offer full details on the design and development process for the site.
Working with Minus-8 to develop a digital showcase worthy of its watches, Landscape designed a responsive e-commerce experience that provokes boundaries both technically, and aesthetically. By pushing the Magento platform into an experimental realm, we created an interface that facilitates a compelling shopping experience, and a futuristic brand story.
Together with the Minus-8 team, we thoughtfully developed several features that both define and elevate the Minus-8 user experience.
Of particular interest are an interactive map of world time zones that intelligently links local time and currency, and a countdown timer that informs users [precise to the millisecond] when they can to expect to receive their order. Additionally, users have the ability to shop the entire collection of watches from virtually anywhere on the site — including the home page. As a way of reinforcing the collectible nature of these timepieces, many of which are produced in limited quantities, sold out styles are aggregated in an ever-present visual archive.
Upon navigation to product detail pages, users will discover a unique juxtaposition of content, including a seductive approach to product layout, full watch specifications with animated size diagrams, a comparison chart, and lifestyle-driven editorials. With core consumer groups in mind, content is deliberately curated to resonate with both first time buyers, and seasoned watch enthusiasts.
In contrast to the typical Magento solution, everything about the Minus-8 checkout flow has been customised. From highly actionable cart feedback to prominent mini-cart interactions and a single-page checkout form, Minus-8’s conversion process is precision-tuned for efficiency. Much like the watches themselves, the Minus-8 website appears to have been created in some sort of future laboratory. Equal parts elegant, industrial, and architectural, the result is a focused experience that is truly in a class by itself.