Preparing Your Home For The Chinese New Year Holiday; Yay!

Yay! The new year is approaching at a fast, steady pace. One can feel the freshness of the energy and the newness incoming. Just like every other person, you’re probably expecting some friends and families to come visiting or probably spending the holidays at your place. So, I guess it makes sense to make the proper preparation. And that is what I have prepared this article for. On the side, I recommend that you should celebrate Chinese New Year 2021 with goodies from

So, first thing first…

House Cleaning

Cleaning your house in preparation for the new year is not just for the benefits of keeping a hygienic environment. According to Chinese traditions, cleaning your home allows you to sweep away the bad luck that has accumulated in the house over the past year. According to a belief, doing this paves the way for new good luck to come into the house. How you get your home cleaned is a decision that you have to make. For instance, if you have the money and can bear the budget, getting a professional home cleaning services provider to do the work will be great. On the flip side, if you’re budget-conscious and have both the time and energy to invest in doing the cleaning yourself, go ahead. Aside from house cleaning, you must not also forget to improve your house’s driveway. Call professional houston driveway pavers and see for yourself how they will turn your driveway extraordinary.

Red Decorations

Just as with every other new year celebrations in every other part of the world, decorations are a part of the celebration culture. It’s like giving the home a new look to complement the newness of the year. But what sets the Chinese new year apart is the preference for the color red. The color red is associated with good luck and that is why there is a high focus on red decorations. Also, the number 8 is used widely as a part of decorations because the Chinese character for 8 rhymes with wealth and fortune. Other popular Chinese new year decorations include the painting of windows, doors, and window frames. People also hang up Chinese proverbs and couplets as decorations. You can also try out pasting paper cutouts on your windows and displaying Chinese new year paintings on your door.

Interior Decorations

While you can be more concentrated on your outdoor decorations, it’s equally reasonable to put a lot of effort into decorating one’s interior. You can create crafts and artwork for beautification purposes and also complement those with flower vases and bowls of food. Other interior decorations include placing lotus flowers in the house to symbolize new growths and rebirth. As previously mentioned, the number 8 is a lucky number, so you may just get creative with it by setting out trays of eight candles. Another idea is to place bowls of mandarins in the house.

Appease The god Of The Kitchen

According to myths and folklores, the kitchen god is said to report to the Jade Emperor about every household just seven days before the new year. And it is advisable to put on your best behavior during this period, offer the kitchen god a sacrifice of food, water, candies, and other kinds of food, and even burn a picture of the kitchen god to send to heaven in form of smoke.