Schoffa Clothing

eCommerce website for Schoffa Clothing by Contrast in Finland, who provide project details below.
Schoffa is Scandinavia’s most stylish boutique shirt brand. Their web store used to be on Magento, but the system was very hard and expensive to update and didn’t suit Schoffa’s needs. They chose us to design and build the site from the ground up on WooCommerce CRM, which is much more lean and flexible. We also added several functionalities to make sure it’s easy for Schoffa’s employees to very easily update key sections of the site.
Both the design process and the end result strongly reflect Schoffa’s brand: Tailored, hand-crafted, comfortable and easy to use with strong sense of modern Scandinavian simplicity and style. The very same traits that are manifested in all of Schoffa’s premium products.