Signs of Drug Addiction – The Early Pointers

Drug addiction is a dark endless hole that keeps getting more complicated and deeper the longer one stays in it. Most people who are addicted to drugs do not know they are, this is because many do not want to accept the fact that they have become addicted to drugs, they grow more unaware of their deteriorating situation and they don’t want to accept the reality of their conditions. Hence they become more withdrawn into themselves and isolated. This condition is usually serious and may require intensive inpatient rehab treatment where proper treatment will be adequately administered to the person. If you are in North Carolina particularly, there are standard inpatient rehabs in Charlotte where proper approaches are given to the patient. However, for those who already accept their condition and don’t know what to do next about their situation, then they might just need a little word of encouragement from friends and family to recover from their plight.

It is absolutely fine to be addicted to something. However, drugs are a real deal to get addicted to since they deeply affect the behaviors of the brain causing it to start adopting or adjusting to irregular activities and desiring drug substances at all times. At this stage, the brain is caused to release a lot of dopamine and hence causing the person to start taking different behaviors. For those who may not know or do not want to come to terms with the fact that they are addicted to drugs, then there are some subtle signs they are bound to start to notice when they are addicted.


When the person starts to take more than the necessary dosage for a particular health problem they have got, then it is time to take caution in the usage of such drugs. It may be a serious one when the person starts to take the drug even when they are no longer in need of such drugs.

Strange Feeling after Usage

The person who is addicted may start to experience a series of strange feelings after using the drug such that they may need to take a nap to gain consciousness of themselves back. Strange feelings such as sweating, nausea, immediate hunger, headache, short fever or even seizures (in severe cases) are very common here.

Loss of Control

In a serious situation, the person may totally lose their guard or control of using the drugs. They don’t know how to do without the drugs even though it is affecting them negatively. They go to any extent even if it will bring them danger in using such drugs when it is not available. Here the person may just decide to use one dose but then they continue to use the drug until everything is exhausted

Constant Thoughts about Drugs

The person who is addicted may no longer be preoccupied with thoughts other than the drugs. They have totally lost interest in other things and are only thinking of how to accumulate more and more of the drug. And in the end, they start to withdraw, isolating themselves from other things that are important in their lives.