Sons Of Gallipoli

Wonderful interactive film documentary site for Sons Of Gallipoli by Jam3. Full details of the design and build below.
Sons of Gallipoli is a multi-layered, interactive documentary commemorating the 100th anniversary of the WWI Battle of Gallipoli. It follows the stories of two modern-day mothers – one Turkish and one Australian – as they reflect on their sons’ legacies. Historians and Guides are the keepers of the War memories, giving context to the mothers’ reflections and contemplations.
We juxtaposed the historical subject matter with a modern approach in the storytelling, design, and technological methods. Consequently, creating a beautiful and dynamic stand-alone content piece that allows users to dive deep into the original video content and photo stories via hotspots in the documentary and interactive map.
Using a unique approach to navigation, achieved through multiple layers, Jam3 created an environment that allows the user to freely explore additional content while watching the documentary.
To optimize this performance, WebGL was used to render dozens of parallax layers in the historical map illustrations; while Canvas was used to render the secondary content, enabling users to browse chapters and archived photos. Using these technologies Jam3 created a variance of dynamic interactions that empower users to uncover the story in both a traditional and non-traditional format.