Surf Air

Site by King & Partners for the Surf Air travel company. Project details below.
Surf Air is a private airline that provides members with unlimited service for a flat fee. The brand’s digital objectives were to raise awareness, drive lead generation, and become a destination for their members. Maps are updated in real-time through an API connection to Surf Air’s flight system to show current flights, estimated number of hours saved, and number of members flying at any given moment. The Surf Air website shows all critical information in a clear, simple way for a frictionless membership inquiry process. Films and animations are sprinkled throughout the site to further the sense of real-time activity.
Surf Report is an editorial section that provides a glimpse into the Surf Air experience from a brand and member perspective through content categories such as Destinations, Profiles, The Itinerary, Day in the Life, and Events. It reflects Surf Air’s vast network of interesting members. The Destinations pages showcase the areas that Surf Air flies to and provides insider recommendations on what to do at each one.