Site by King & Partners for Surface magazine, full project details below.
Magazines traditionally approach publishing with a print-first digital-later strategy, King & Partners turned that methodology on its head and approached it as content-first, medium irrelevant.
First, we looked at the way the Surface team published content to their print and digital publications. Then, we came up with a solution that streamlined that entire publishing process. We integrated WordPress and MagHub with a CRM and an ad serving platform to build a suite of tools that connects all aspects of the magazine’s publishing business, resulting in a more efficient day to day workflow.
For the digital magazine launch, it was especially important that the site design gets out of the way of the content, and that the content is presented in a dynamic, consumable way. We implemented a modular approach for a “bites, snacks, and meals” content strategy, letting the Surface team create a wide variety of templates for each article type. We wanted to be cognisant to the way todays reader digests content. We came up with the idea of viewing by Article, Images, or Video, and then at the bottom of each article the reader can simply keep scrolling to move fluidly into the next article. Article pages are transformed into a never ending story of content, encouraging readership (and revenue) through beautiful design and a guided user experience.