The Most Cost-Efficient International Countries to Move to

When you contemplate moving abroad, the cost is the first aspect you might associate with a big move. The cost to move to an international destination is most often perceived as incredibly high. A high price tag to move will justifiably deter any individual from taking an international leap, but there is a multitude of ways to cut costs. One method to decrease the overall price of moving abroad is to strategically plan your move to a country that is more cost-efficent than not. And while other parts of a big move will still be costly, something that is unavoidable when you have to begin to seek out international moving companies to hire, selecting a low-cost area with accessible housing and healthcare can be a great aid.

Find out what international countries are most cost-efficient to move to and how their decreased cost of living will allow you to live comfortably on a decent salary.


Vietnam is a compelling destinationfor international travellers because of its picturesque scenery, landscapes, and lively cities. But Vietnam can be an accessible area to relocate to without breaking the bank substantially. Vietnam has affordable housing, more than many other international countries, with a small apartment that can only cost a minuscule $250. Further, Vietnam also has a wide range of jobs that a traveller can easily attain, jobs such as English teachers to students and adults alike. Unlike other countries that have programs that pay very little to English teachers, Vietnamese programs are more liable to pay you a living wage that will enable you to spend money on traversing the countryside and cities of Vietnam.


Places in Europe, like Italy and France, tend to be unaffordable for many foreigners to live in as they are vastly popular tourist destinations. Because most European countries are too expensive to live in for many travellers working for a meagre salary, some might write off Europe entirely as a place to reasonably live. But Eastern Europe, more specifically Bulgaria, is one of the cheapest areas in all of Europe. Bulgaria has become a favourite destination for many travellers because it isn’t too far from other countries, like Greece and Turkey, and travel can easily be allotted on a small budget when residing in a place with such a low cost of living Bulgaria.


Another affordable European excursion you can take without having to forgo comfortable amenities is Poland. Poland is neighbouring Germany, but the cost of living is much less expensive than cities in Germany. As it becomes increasingly popular for tourists seeking inexpensive places to live, Poland offers contemporary elements to new citizens in their modernized cities of Krakow and Warsaw. Poland’s job market provides a wide range of service work and English-teaching jobs that will give travellers a moderate budget to work and travel with.


Not only is Mexico an accessible destination for Americans and Canadians in terms of distance, which can be an asset for any international moving companies you hire, it’s also significantly inexpensive to live in. Mexico offers rich food and culture, tourist destinations and historical sites, and warm weather and tepid waters. With cities like Cancun and Mexico City with affordable housing and groceries that can be purchased without your bank account falling into the negatives, it is one of the greatest places you can live on an adequate salary. Jobs that can be easily attained are usually in tourism, retail and service, au pairs and live-in nannys, and English tutoring.

Costa Rica

You can find cheap flights and housing to Central America’s country that is consistently named as one of the cheapest places to live, Costa Rica! Costa Rica is a greatly appealing destination for its stunning tropical beaches, jungles, and friendly environment fuelled by the amicable locals. The job department will also prove to be full of intrigue, and adventure for travellers as Costa Rica offers positions in teaching English to locals, helping tourists scuba dive, and becoming an au pair in a family! Costa Rica’s average apartment rent is from $500 to $800. Still, you’ll also be making a modest living in any of the suggested jobs, so you can comfortably pay for rent and groceries without worry!