The Reasons Why Every Dog Should Have At Least One Winter Coat

Many people laugh when they see a dog walking down the street kitted out from head to toe in a coat and boots. They assume that because a dog has its natural coat, that it should be warm enough and it should be able to handle the extremes during the winter months. However, keeping your pooch warm during extreme weather is something that every pet owner should be aware of. There is only so much that your dog’s natural coat can do and after that, your pet may need some help. You need to remember that dogs are different sizes, ages and breeds, and so some animals can handle the cold better than others. If your dog is treated just like a member of the family, then it is very unlikely that they are outside on extremely cold days and they get to be inside near the fire. It seems unreasonable, then, to ask your dog to step outside into the snow and rain when they are not used to this kind of weather.

This is why every dog owner should invest in TO Dogswear winter coats because these items are not just designed to dress up your pooch, but in many cases they are a necessity because of adverse weather conditions. The following are some of the many reasons why you might want to buy a winter coat for your dog.

1. To show encouragement – Many dogs are reluctant to go outside, especially if it’s snowing and it is particularly cold. Once you put a winter coat on your dog and it gets to feel the extra warmth from that, then this will give it the encouragement to step outside and go for a walk. You wouldn’t go outside in the snow and cold without your coat, so it seems unfair to ask your dog to do it. As your dog gets older, it will experience some hair loss and so they lose the ability to keep themselves warm naturally.

2. To provide protection – Much like ourselves, when dogs get older, they lose the ability to be able to keep themselves warm and so they need a little bit of help. As their owner, it is your job to take steps to make sure that your dog is warm enough during the cold weather, and one way to do this is to invest in a winter coat. If you have a young puppy in your home, then they haven’t gotten their full coat yet, so it is going to feel the cold more than usual. The addition of a winter coat is just what your puppy needs. To learn more about taking care of animals, have a look here.

Yes, your dog will look extremely cute walking down the high street in their new winter coat, but it also has practical uses as well. Your dog feels the cold just like you do, and as a responsible pet owner, you should seriously consider getting your animal some extra protection from inclement weather.