Top 4 Factors that Affect Motorcycle Accident Claims in Boise

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common type of bodily injury claim in Boise, Idaho. Many factors can affect your claim, including the driver’s status, driver’s age, driver’s gender, driver’s inexperience with driving, alcohol use by either party involved in an accident, and the time of day that the accident occurred.

Motor accidents in Boise or anywhere can lead to extremely traumatic events. The cost of property damage, medical bills, and lost wages can be heartbreaking to deal with. However, in some cases, the trauma is only the beginning. If the accident is severe enough, an individual may have a lifelong disability. As motorcycle accidents cause more severe injuries than car accidents, it is essential to claim compensation. Therefore, it is better to hire a boise motorcycle wreck lawyer to assist you in claiming the insurance.

Let us for now see the top 4 factors that affect motorcycle accident claims in Boise. On the other hand, we suggest you click the link to find out where to best undergo a lie Detector Test.

1. Driving under influence

Idaho has some of the harshest driving under influence (DUI) laws in the country. What should you do if you are injured in a car accident caused by someone who was driving while under the influence? Car accidents caused by drunk drivers can lead to costly lawsuits, and it’s important to know what your rights are before you make any decision. Driving under influence is not just illegal. It can be life-threatening as well.

2. Distracted driving

Staying safe on the road is a priority for everyone, but distracted driving can be a deadly habit. A driver will have a 23% increased risk of an accident if they use a cell phone while driving and a whopping 400% increase in accidents caused by texting while driving. For this reason, many insurance companies are now refusing to pay claims for drivers who are found to be distracted.

3. Uninsured motorist

With the uninsured motorist at issue, there are many risks for Boise residents. One of these risks is that coverage will have to be paid for by the individual in order to cover accidents. This lack of coverage has an impact on the victim in the case of a motor collision. These types of accidents can result in high costs that must be paid out-of-pocket, which are much higher when compared with other forms of injury cases.

4. Speeding

Some people don’t realize that speeding can also affect motor accident claims in Boise. Speeding is a big problem on the roads today, with many people using their cars to get around instead of walking or biking. Sometimes, this recklessness of driving causes accidents. There are ways of gathering evidence for your claim if you had someone else’s insurance taken away because of speeding.