Verification Process. How It Evolves and Develops

Today, the registration process on any website is no longer dangerous. Because you can use the online numbers for verification. It will securely hide all user data and disappear immediately after registration. Although websites perceive it as an absolutely normally functioning SIM card. Has it always been so easy to remain anonymous, or are we dealing with a revolutionary technology that allows protecting the freedom of the individual?

Why the Process of a User Verification Was Invented

The procedure for verifying users of various Internet resources or services in the field of e-commerce can be multi-stage. It was conceived in order to prevent numerous types of crimes in the network. But is it? Indeed, under the pretext of fighting fraud, websites collect personal user data, which means they know what they are interested in and what web pages they visit.

How Users Are Verified During Registration

In most cases, user verification is simple and requires a minimal set of data:

  • Name and Surname
  • E-mail address
  • Activation of the service by entering a code sent via SMS to a phone number

If you can come up with a first and last name, create an anonymous email address, then what to do with a phone number? After all, the calculation is made on the fact that a person, as a rule, has only one or two valid personal phone numbers.

The solution to this problem was ingenious: the development of one-time virtual numbers that would be used only for registration. They are not tied with the personal data of users in any way. If you want to know how it works, try a virtual number for SMS free on the OnlineSIM platform.

What Does Verification via the Virtual Number Provide?

Using one-time virtual phone numbers for verification, you get two main advantages:

  • Freedom. No one can control how and when you use certain websites
  • Safety. Your personal data tied to a permanent phone number will remain securely protected by the very fact that you keep it hidden from strangers.

The evolution of the verification process led to the development of technology with the help of which users have learned to safely and completely legally avoid it. If you want to feel the benefits of being free and not reporting to every website your personal data, order one-time virtual numbers on the OnlineSIM platform for only 2 cents per number.