Your Guide to Landlord Responsibilities

Most people have lived in rented homes, and many have had the experience of dealing with landlords. Although not everyone has pleasant memories of landlords, it’s important to understand that the landlord has certain responsibilities to ensure that your time in a rental home is safe and enjoyable. This guide will detail everything you need to know about landlord responsibilities regarding property management – see what they are here!

Keep a Warrant of Habitability

One of the most important landlord responsibilities is providing tenants with a comfortable, safe place. It starts with ensuring that the apartment meets all of the state and local laws regarding housing quality. It’s known as a “Warrant of Habitability,” which means that you have reasonable living space that is safe and compliant with all state and local laws. You will be required to ensure your unit is livable, from having working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher to having enough hot water for your tenants. In addition, you will want to keep the space clean and safe by avoiding things like floor mold or lead paint.

Ensure Your Renters Are Safe on Your Property

As a landlord, you are in charge of all of the people who will be living on your property, so it is paramount that you take responsibility for their security. If tenants feel unsafe at your place, they have every right to move out. It can be as simple as paying particular attention to their dog’s safety, bringing a house guest over from time to time or even checking up on them once a week.

Make Necessary Repairs

One of the most important landlord’s responsibilities is that you make any necessary repairs. These include anything from fixing broken appliances to replacing tiles in a bathroom. You need to ensure that your apartment is livable and safe, which will mean keeping up with maintenance and repairs, especially if your tenant brings these things to your attention.

Its important you consider your options for paint as well to make the right choices.

Maintain the Property

You are responsible for maintaining the exterior of your apartment as well as maintaining the interior. You must do any repairs or maintenance diligently and with attention to detail. The best way to do this is by being present at the property. It will allow you to keep up with these responsibilities and ensure that your tenants are not bothered by severe damage or wear, like water damage on the ceiling.

Give Renters Advance Notice Before You Raise Their Rent

As a landlord, you will want to be sure that your tenants are getting the rent that is fair for their apartment. If you plan to adjust their rent at any point, giving them at least three months of notice is important. It will allow them to make alternate plans if they need to or move out if they are unhappy with the rent increase. The best way to fulfill this responsibility is to sit down and talk with your tenant, explaining the reasoning behind the rise.

Return Security Deposits Promptly

Sometimes, tenants will leave a security deposit with their landlord when they move in to reclaim it once they move out. If a tenant has been living correctly and leaves the apartment in good condition, you will be responsible for returning their deposit promptly. You must follow state and local laws typically 2-4 weeks after the tenant has moved out. In addition, you should provide them with an itemized list of what deductions have been made from their security deposit so that they can ensure there were no mistakes.

Your responsibilities as a landlord are extremely important. By staying aware of your duties, you can ensure that your tenants are happy and experience a positive living situation. After all, happy tenants means are good ones and have the potential to become long-term tenants. You will also want to ensure you follow your state and local laws, so you don’t get in trouble with the law. Not only that, knowing the laws surrounding landlords can be beneficial, too, in the case of troubling tenants. As long as you follow these tips and stick by your responsibilities, you should have no problem maintaining a positive relationship with your tenants.