7 Best Social Media and Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays, it is simply impossible to exclude social media from any website. The more shares and likes your content gets, the more popular it becomes and the more traffic you receive. Therefore, it is very important that you include the necessary social sharing buttons in your site. In today’s post, I will discuss 7 of the best social media plugins for WordPress. These plugins will allow you to add nice and simple social sharing buttons in your WordPress site.

1) Share Buttons

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-to-any/

Share Buttons is an excellent free sharing plugin which lets your visitors’ share, save or email the content of your website. The plugin supports all the common platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. The easily customizable sharing system helps you in optimizing the social engagement of your site. The fully responsive floating social bar could be set as vertical and horizontal. Share counter will show the total number of shares automatically. Besides the official icons of various platforms, the plugin also allows you to use custom icons.


2) Sharexy Plugin

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sharexy/

Sharexy makes for a quick and easy social sharing plugin for your WordPress website. Some of its features include: Easy to adjust social sharing design, nice looking, with social buttons designed to fit your blog design, easy enabling of social widget for your visitors to spot and utilize, and more. Sharexy makes it easy and effective for attracting as much social network traffic as possible from your website. Top designers from all over the world have already taken the time to design some awesome and very cool styles, one of which is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You don’t have to go on surfing blogs and forums looking for the right design of sharing buttons having to constantly edit the code and sort out the documentation.


3) Smart Website Tools

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis/

Unlike most other plugins of this list, this plugin is not only a social sharing plugin. Rather, it provides you with a combo of recommended content tool, live analytics, conversion tools and social sharing feature. The social sharing feature of the plugin supports more than 300 different platforms. The easily customizable interface will allow you to change the look of your social icons. From the plugin settings, you can define the number of social platforms to show, choose the location and the theme for the social bar.


4) Digg Digg

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/digg-digg/

Powered by Buffer, Digg Digg offers a complete solution for all the social sharing needs of your WordPress site. By customizing the various settings, it is possible to make your social sharing bar look as cool as the one of Mashable. The plugins lets you display share links of all the popular social platforms along with the share number. Besides the regular social platforms, the plugin also offers email and print features. As the plugin makes use of lazy loading technology, it will not have any impact on your website performance.


5) ShareThis

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/share-this/

Featuring multiple sharing methods and detailed sharing analytics of your content, ShareThis is a very useful social sharing plugin for WordPress. You can choose as many platforms as you like from the 120 supported social channels. Besides choosing to use the small or large icon, you can also show the share counter for each platform. If you are not confident about your social media strategies, you can check out the exclusive webinars organized by the plugin developers. Last but not the least, it is also possible to track the copy and paste shares by your visitors.


6) Shareaholic

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shareaholic/

If you are looking for an inclusive content promotion and monetization plugin, Shareaholic should definitely be one of your top choices. Besides providing your visitors with an easy social sharing option, the plugin also comes with interesting features like promoted content, content recommendation, social analytics, affiliate linking, etc. By using various modules of the plugin, you can easily become engaged with your visitors, market your content and ultimately, gain monetary profit from the traffic. The one-click sharing feature supports most of the popular social platforms. The social sharing buttons are completely responsive and looks great in retina displays too.


7) Social Media Feather

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/social-media-feather/

Social Media Feather is a very lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress. The plugin lets you create social sharing and following options for your website within a few minutes. You can use the social sharing feature in all of your posts, pages and custom posts. A special feature of the plugin is its support for high resolution devices including the iPad 5. Focusing on both simplicity and performance, Social Media Feather supports all major social platforms. You can also add follow button for the social platforms. The title and URL of each platform is completely customizable.


Well, now that you have access to these powerful social media plugins, it should help you to boost your performance for social sharing for your visitors and yourself within the top social platforms.

Among the ones listed above, which social media plugin are you using or planning to use in your WordPress site? Did I miss your favorite social media plugin? If yes, please let me know the name by leaving a comment below.