Book Review: Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution

The 21st century has brought in several types of technological advancements which have changed the way common people live and interact with each other. Further such changes are expected in the future with even better technology.


The book Preparing for Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Revolution by Noel Jerke and Grayson Jerke provides detailed and informative content on the two most important computerized systems that are going to change our future completely. For those who are having no idea on Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Revolution, they will find this book useful since it begins with a very basic knowledge.

Book Structure

The book comprises 122 pages and consists of 10 different chapters other than the introduction, Thank You, and Endnotes Section. In the beginning of the book, some information related to the authors is also present. The ten chapters of the book are in the forms of questions whereby each chapter is answering a question. As per the authors, this book is beneficial for all the students, parents, educators, workers, teachers, businessmen, and other professionals that will have an impact of an improved or changed technology.

Overview of the Book

From the basics of What is a Robot to how we should be planning for robotic revolution, the 10 different chapters pretty much cover all the basic details a common person would need to know. Different perspectives are considered in the book which makes it quite informative for the readers. The book begins with a little bit of historical context to the field of science and technology as well as how the robotic revolution concept was considered when the first ever robot was produced.

The second important perspective discussed in the book is regarding the present situation and current impacts being made with AI and Robotics. Real life examples such as those of Tesla, Turnitin, and other important inventions that are being used right now have been provided giving an understanding of the current trends as well as both, the expected positive and negative outcomes of these trends. By providing the good side and the bad side, the authors have made this book free from discrepancies or external influences.

Last sections of the book are written with a discussion of the future implications of AI and Robotics. The authors have stressed on the point that the students should be focused on gaining relevant technical knowledge that will be beneficial for their future. Since the future is going to be completely changed, jobs will be changed, and an overall environment will also be impacted, common people should start to adjust and adapt to the technologies by gaining skills, and scientific knowledge.

This will prove beneficial in jobs for the future. The last sections of the book also highlight how there is going to be a negative trend in the jobs since many of the jobs will be lost. In addition to that, useful tips are provided by the authors to adapt to the robotic revolution.

Positive Aspects

One of the best things about this book is that it is quite reader friendly. A non-technical and easy to understand language has been used by the authors making it readable for most of the people. In addition to that, the book is structured in a proper manner by starting off with history, highlighting about the present as well as providing implications for the future. The book answers top 10 questions related to AI and Robotics which gives quite a detailed idea about the subject matter.

On an overview of the book, a positive aspect is that it is a book for the beginners and not for the advanced professionals. The book directly addresses the topic in a clear and concise manner and not deviating from the topic at any point. Systematic way of addressing is used which has improved the readability of the content.  With real life examples, the book provides a better understanding to the users.

Possible Improvements

Since the book is providing a very basic knowledge on the topic, experts may not find this book to be quite useful. Therefore, a bit of expert knowledge could be added in the book or it could be added in a next version of the book so that the readers who have read this one could then have further knowledge.

In addition to that, the book does not provide any trend analysis or any kind of figurative analysis. A book like this could prove to be more valid and reliable if it has graphical analysis as well as real numbers that show an impact of the technology. Only the real-life examples are not going to be sufficiently enough.


Overall, Preparing for Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Revolution is considered to be the one that provides sufficient knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Revolution. The tone of the book is light and formal which is ideal. At some points, the book is presented in a persuasive and convincing tone so that the readers are aware of the implications of technology and how it is expected to change. Based on the book, it can be evaluated that the revolution is bound to come at any time soon.  You can also find more by checking out as well!