Asian Handicap Betting – Everything You Need to Know Explained

Asian handicap betting eliminates chances of a draw by giving the weaker team an advantage over the stronger team, limiting the possible outcomes to two.

As the name suggests, Asian Handicap (AH) betting originated from Asia but has since gained popularity globally. It’s an exciting form of betting that gives both teams an equal chance of winning by eliminating the possibility of a draw.

Traditional 1×2 betting gave three possible outcomes: a win, lose or draw, but in the Asian handicap betting system, you can either win or lose. To create a more level playing ground, the weaker team (underdog) starts the match with some sort of advantage over the stronger team (favorite). Or, the stronger team starts the game with a disadvantage over the weaker team.

Types of Asian Handicap Bet with Examples

1. Level Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting offers the level handicap option when opposing teams have an equal chance of winning the match, meaning that each team starts the match with an equal chance just like the normal 1×2 bet. But, in this system the option for a draw is removed, you can only win or lose. In case of a draw, your stake will be refunded like the Draw No Bet market in the traditional 1×2 betting.

Example: Asian Handicap 0.0

There are Team A and Team B playing.

If you place a bet on Team A to win and they win, you win also. But, if Team B wins you lose. If they end up square, your stake will be refunded.

2. Single Asian Handicap

Single Asian Handicap is applicable when there’s a significant mismatch between the opposing teams. In this scenario, the probability of the match ending in a draw is very unlikely so the weaker team is awarded an advantage ahead of the game providing fair playing ground and almost equal betting odds.

Single Asian Handicap Options

Single Asian Handicap

3. 0.5 Asian Handicap Explained

Example: Team A (-0.5 handicap) and Team B (+0.5 handicap)

If you place a bet on Team A to win and they win, you win too. But, if Team B wins or the match ends in an unlikely draw, you lose the bet.

On the other hand, If you bet on Team B to win and they win, that’s a win for you as well. You also win when the game ends in a draw. If Team A wins, you lose your bet.

4. 0.25 Asian Handicap Explained

In the 0.25 handicap betting option, the match kicks-off with the weaker team having a quarter goal advantage over the stronger team. Here, your bet will result in either a win, half a win, or a lose, half a lose.

Let me explain further using an example:

Example: Team A (-0.25) and Team B (+0.25)

If you bet on Team A to win and it wins, you win. If the match ends in a draw, you lose half of your stake and get a refund of the remaining half. If Team B wins, you lose the bet and your entire stake amount.

If you bet on Team B to win and it wins, you win the bet, if it draws, you’ll win half the stake at assigned odds and get the other half of your stake back – as profit.


Unlike other betting forms where there are 3 potential outcomes, Asian Handicap betting offers punters fewer possible outcomes by giving the underdog a slight advantage over the favorite creating a fair playing ground and great odds.