Tips for Picking a WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress is a free, open-source CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to modify, design, and arrange your website according to your needs. Its creators intended to make it publicly available so it can be used by anyone. They have done their best to keep up their promise so that the software remains free to use. The good part of being open-source means that the community continues to develop newer and better versions of WordPress. For those looking to enhance their website’s performance, opting for fast WordPress hosting can significantly improve load times and overall user experience. Fast WordPress hosting ensures that your website remains responsive and efficient, catering to both visitors and search engines favorably.

WordPress powers more than 42% of the World Wide Web. This means that out of 1.7 billion websites, more than 700 million websites use WordPress. It won’t be wrong to say that WordPress has made a significant contribution to the online database.  On the other hand, you may also visit to check out the best online casinos in Australia that greatly contribute to the online casino industry. 

Why Do I Need Hosting? 


Every day, thousands of new websites are made. This is just a glimpse of what today’s world is about; yes, it is all about the internet. With the advent of the internet, the physical market has gone virtual. Now, most of our transactions happen online without the need for paper currency. 

That being said, making a website is no big deal as you already know thousands of people do it every day. They decide on a domain name and start working on their presence online. But having just a domain isn’t enough for you to gather traffic towards whatever you are planning to do, whether it’s a shopping website or a blogging site. An online website generally has three basic components: domain name, website, and hosting. 

Website hosting or hosting is a service provided to you by server owners. They give your website and all its components, including the media, the documents, or HTML code, a physical place. When you pay to a hosting provider, you are renting some space online for your data. 

The virtual space online is physically present in servers all around the world. To rent that space, you need a hosting service provided by server owners. This helps you expand your domain as a website and add content to it. The content can vary from web pages to videos shared on your website for your viewers. The better hosting you have, the faster it will be to access your website and transfer data. That is why platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and GoDaddy have their servers. 

Picking WordPress Over Others 

If you are starting a new business online or deciding on an online platform for your pre-existing website, you might have encountered a Content Management System known as WordPress.

WordPress works for all users and can be installed easily on your hosting platform. WordPress has themes that allow you to customize features of your website like colors, site header, and much more from your dashboard without having high technical knowledge. Adding WordPress-featured plugins is an option that you should not miss out on either.  

WordPress Hosting Providers 

After deciding on your domain, you might be looking for a hosting provider. A good hosting company can boost your website’s speed and security. You need a hosting site for more control over your website and monetization from your website. Many hosting providers support WordPress, but deciding which one to choose is a big decision. 

Deciding What’s Best for You 

WordPress Hosting Providers 

When you visit a website, you may notice that some load faster than others. There are many factors that you should look for in a good hosting provider, such as:

  • Speed

The speed of hosting is one of the key features you need to look out for. The loading speed of a website is measured in milliseconds. The servers respond differently, depending on the type of hosting you pick. You can also see the speed of your hosting in different regions to optimize your viewers’ needs. 

  • Uptime

Uptime is the time your website stays online and is measured per year. Most hosting providers have their uptime listed as 99.9%, which means your website will be down for 8.76 hours per year. Going for 99.99999% or 100% uptime is not a bad idea, but it depends on your budget.  If you are builder of high roller casinos sites or other high traffic service, uptime is critical.

  • Good Customer Service

Like every other service provider, a good hosting provider has good customer service. They can help you with WordPress-related questions and help you decide on your hosting package. 

Types of WordPress Hosting 

There are many kinds of websites built on WordPress, so to adapt to that, the hosting providers have divided their services into categories to help you pick a more suitable hosting plan. The following are the most popular hosting types: 

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows several customers to share storage on one large server. It is cheaper to use and good for beginners who want to test their brands’ online presence. The hosting company provides you maintenance and security updates. 

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is somehow special as it gives you a dedicated server of your own. You just pay the rent, and the hosting provider takes care of the server. This includes services like uptime of the server, security, etc. This option is great for those websites that receive more traffic or need more security.

  • Managed Hosting

As the name suggests, when you opt for managed hosting, your hosting is managed by the hosting provider. This is a form of shared hosting with extra services, such as server maintenance and site setup. This plan offers more customer support, meaning that you can take all the help you need to customize your hosting plan with WordPress. 

  • Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a kind of shared hosting but with lesser security risks. They offer you your own virtual space on a shared server and keep away potential threats by virtual division. 

  • Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, your data is stored on various servers. The plus point of this is that you don’t have to worry about your website going down due to a server failure, plus you can add more cloud storage as your website grows.

Make a List of Features You Want 

Be it web hosting or deciding your domain, you should be specific about your goals. Focus on what’s best for your personalized website. This includes how much space you need online, how much privacy you need in your server, and the support you need from the hosting provider. Deciding a personalized hosting will help you spend your budget more efficiently and get the most out of your hosting provider. 

Where to Find WordPress Hosting Providers

WordPress Hosting

Installing WordPress on your website is easy as one click. Then you face the decision of choosing a hosting server. There are many recommended hosting companies on WordPress like Bluehost, Dreamhost, and SiteGround, etc. You can visit any hosting provider and get started by choosing your hosting plan and providing your domain name. 

Looking for Hosting Reviews and Feedback

Hosting Reviews and Feedback

Before spending our hard-earned money online, we all prefer to look at customer reviews and feedback; it works the same for WordPress hosting too. Various websites offer ratings and reviews of popular hosting services. Read as many reviews as you can to decide on an affordable and personalized hosting provider for your website. 

When you decide on your hosting provider, you may look for more specific reviews online from experts to avoid the upcoming issues. 


WordPress hosting is a perfect way for developing your presence online as it is already used by millions of happy customers. WordPress has a great customer support service, and it keeps on developing as open-source software. Follow the tips mentioned above and opt for a good WordPress hosting provider to conveniently operate and secure your website and manage your content online.