Top Five Tips to Employ a Quality Digital Marketer for your Business

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You have zero chances of making it to the top. This only shows how important having a good digital marketer is. But how do you know who to hire? How do you know a good professional from a mediocre one? Where do you find help if you’re a sports-minded person and want to put up a business that focuses on sports? Well, sports fan? Check out Meanwhile, if you want a trusted IT service company to help you develop or run your business’ IT systems, go to

Here are a few tips to help you find the right digital marketer for your business.

1. Look for qualities any digital marketer must have

Forget about the CVs for a moment. The Internet is full of tutorials on writing a CV and anyone can manage to write a decent one. What you’re interested in is the guy behind the CV.

When you invite them for a job interview you need to look for specific qualities in a digital marketer.

First of all, is the job applicant a good communicator? Communication is everything in marketing and if the candidate is too nervous and struggles to find his words, that’s a red flag already.

How does the candidate present himself? If he cannot sell himself to you how will he be able to sell your products or services? Does the candidate have an analytical mind?

A digital marketer needs to be able to monitor and analyze all sorts of data. It’s his job to look at the numbers on various social media platforms to understand where you stand, what sorts of strategies work and which ones are failing to generate the expected response.

2. Test their professional skills

Even if you’re not the marketing specialist yourself, there are many ways you can test their abilities.

For instance, you can go online and find customizable tests that can be adapted for digital marketers, tests containing questions specific to their job. Such a test should include technical questions on SEO or Google Ads and how do you measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Whether you download a list of questions (and answers) or use an online test tool, you can easily understand if the guy in front of you knows what he’s talking about.

Additionally, you can ask each candidate to write a caption for a photo you want to use online or write a short post for social media.

A digital marketer must be good with words and be able to write an impactful text, even if you already have copywriters working for you. If the guy in charge isn’t good at writing himself how will he be able to pick the best copy for your marketing campaign?

3. Check them out with an online background check

The importance of having a trustworthy digital marketer cannot be overstated. This is the person whose decisions can make or break your company. You cannot afford to hire the first guy that answers your job ad without checking their past. A quick background check can put your mind at ease, as you’ll know for certain that the person in charge of your digital marketing is not some ex-convict.

Most businesses these days use online police checks as the procedure is very simple and very fast. In countries like Australia, UK or the US, there are several online services that deliver a full national police check online. All the candidate has to do is fill in an online form and the candidate’s criminal history will be delivered via email in a couple of days.

It is entirely up to you what you do if it turns out a candidate does have one or more offences on their record. An arrest for disorderly conduct in their first year at the university can, in most cases, be overlooked. Young people often do things they come to regret. However, if the candidate was in prison for a more serious offence, you’ll probably want to pass on them. The position they’re applying for comes with a lot of responsibilities and the risks are simply too high. There’s too much at stake for you.

4. Check out their social media presence

Most people working in digital marketing are very active on social media. It’s not that they’re addicted to it, but they understand how important it is to be seen online and have an extensive network. Once again, this is about the ability to sell themselves.

A guy that is quick to post when something important is happening in their community shows they have the ability to pick up on what other social media users are interested in.

Check what they post about as this will give you a good idea of their views so you can assess if they align with your company’s culture.

Also, have a look at the number of reactions they get on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts. Do their posts generate a lot of comments? If so, they know what they’re doing and how to write a text that strikes a note with other users. On the other hand, if they only get a handful of likes and barely any comment, that’s not good at all. Maybe their posts are too dull or uninspired and you don’t want that from your digital marketer.

5. Look for testimonials and follow up on recommendations

This is another thing you can do online. Whenever you consider hiring someone, google their name first. You never know what might come up. Maybe they won an award for a marketing campaign or maybe they were involved in a scandal when they were working for a previous employer.

You probably asked the candidate whether they have any letters of recommendation from past employers, but you should also check their LinkedIn account. They surely have one and if they don’t, that’s not very professional of them.

Anyway, look on LinkedIn to see if there are any testimonials on their past jobs. If you do find such testimonials, follow up on them. The first rule of the Internet is to check on any information you find online. Contact the person who wrote the testimonial and ask them what responsibilities did your guy have. Did they deliver on time? How successful was the marketing campaign they put together?

If you have a look at our tips you’ll realize that it might look like a lot of work, but it’s not. Most of the checks and assessments can be done online and fairly quickly. The reward is the knowledge that you’ve hired the best professional available.